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"Flamin' hot!" Not sponsored by Chester man himself... unfortunately

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Chester Cheetah Diamio 

     “Flamin' hot!"

By: Starminor
Special thanks to... EpicsNinja for the inital art, jaw, expressions and permission
Requires: Diamio (300 MC)

Behold, a non-anime mod arrives in your midst. When I saw Epic Ninja's original Chester Cheetah mod I so wanted to see the end results. But it never came, and so I decided to take it upon myself to finish what has been started. For the betterment of humanity, it had to be done.

Second Diamio mod so far! I bet that's some serious investment so far. Three if you count Zero Two.

If and when the mod ever becomes outdated, I'll update it and hopefully check out this list of improvements. But really, I just wanted this up there and not just sitting in my hard drive like alot of outdated and possibly still up-to-date mods I have. I mean this was created back in September 2020.

He's a bit funny with limb placements, I mean Burnout, Dumbbell Curls are both... funny examples. I could probably fix this but it started as a joke mod and it'll end as a joke mod. I may or may not provide content updates further on out but just in case this what I am hoping for if I or someone else comes back to work on this. I just wanted a full body tbh.

Unfortunately the original .svg was quite messy. I've tried cleaning it but I didn't want the headache then and certainly not now. So due to this you'll most likely NOT want the visual tears that come with default swap and opt in for a colorswapped Chester instead. The bug also extends to the skin icon and the roster pose so I had to make them raster files meaning unlike the rest of Brawlhalla, it'll get blurry eventually! Sorry! 

If you'd like Chester Cheetah on a different skin/legend, lemme know!

Planned Improvements: 
- Shoes, Chester shouldn't be barefoot!
- More radical colorswapping
- Amending Visual bugs (Torso, Torso 2 Back, Shins, Defaultswap)
- HairBack Sprite Overhaul
- Eye and More Mouth Expressions

Starminor - Do, dododo doo
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