Bravely Default II

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100% completed savefiles with every items, lvl 99 + all jobs maxed and more.

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These savefiles contain :

- All items & equipments
- Money
- Lvl 99 char & Jobs maxed
- A lot of captured monsters for Beastmaster
- Rank S at B&D and have all cards
- All quests done
- 100% Bestiary

The first savefile has no buns used so stats are clean but it has less captured monsters. I only used crit and magic buns on Adele on the 2nd savefile and this file has more monsters (boosted stats are not transfered if you NG+).

Both savefiles have completed the game and are ready to NG+.

To install, simply download the save you want and unzip it in your savegame folder which should be in %USERPROFILE% \ Documents \My Games\Bravely_Default_II\Steam\ <user-id> \Saved\SaveGames\. Savefile 1 is noted as "savegamedata3" which means it will be on slot 3 if you unzip as it, but you can rename the file and change the number to change slot (from 1 to 9). Savefile 2 is written for slot 7.