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About this mod

This PythonSDK mod adds the ability for each Vault Hunter to deactivate their Action Skill by holding a configurable hotkey.

Permissions and credits
  • deactivate the Action Skill for each character
  • configurable hotkey
  • options to enable the feature for each Vault Hunter individually

  • this is a PythonSDK mod, you can't install this with BLCMM
  • this mod needs the EridiumLib in order to run
  • since this is often not the case with SDK mods: yes, this has multiplayer support
  • in a multiplayer environment, only the host settings of the mod are taken into account
    • that means only the host can define which Action Skills are deactivatable
    • you can still use your own hotkey
  • the default toggle hotkey is F which also is the default Action Skill key
    • you need to hold the key, not just press it to avoid accidental deactivations
    • you can change it to anything in the modded keybinds but you can't change it back to F because it's already taken by the Action Skill
    • if you want to use the F key again, you need to delete the settings.json file in the mod directory, restart the game and reenable the mod
    • if you are using another hotkey for the Action Skill, you can also directly edit the modded hotkey in the settings.json file while the game is closed

  • in order to run this mod, you need to install the PythonSDK
  • if you don't know how to do it, use the installer from BL2Fix
  • download the latest version of the EridiumLib
  • extract the files to "Borderlands 2\Binaries\Win32\Mods\EridiumLib"
  • download the latest version of the mod
  • extract the files to "Borderlands 2\Binaries\Win32\Mods\SkillToggles"
  • activate the mod within the mod menu in the game

If you have any issues, features requests, bug reports or questions, visit our GitHub repository or join our Discord!