Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
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Nisha Overhaul

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Nisha Overhaul

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Update v1.5: A lot of changes

Sorry, no changelogs, was too busy.

Update v1.42: Small fixes

Bottled Courage: Now works as intended.

Desperado: Boosts Magnificent Six in place of Bottled Courage
Celestial Lawbringer: Boosts Magnificent Six in place of Bottled Courage. Boosts Freedom(Unchained) in place of Bona Fide Grit.

Update v1.41: Classy
Added class mod changes and 2 optional feature
And of course, overhaul

The Third Degree: Now deals explosive damage instead.
Magnificent Six: Now applies to Non-elemental and explosive guns
Hairline Trigger: Now also boosts explosive damage
Rough Rider: +25% Slam Damage. Killing an enemy with your slam makes them explode and deal damage.
Cheap Shot (Crack Shot): Killing an enemy in a single hit gives you a stack of Cheap Shot, which gives free ammo and bonus gun damage per cheap shot stack

Buckarette (Bounty Hunter): Increased Air Control
Peacekeeper (Rustler): Increased Explosive and Melee Damage.

Mute Cheap Shot(Crack Shot) SFX
Air Control COMs give Movement Speed

Update v1.4: RIP
Oh hey, I'm not dead!
Switched around skill placements
Updated descriptions for a lot of the skills

Law: Increased shield capacity and melee damage per order stack
Order: No longer regens shield and degens health
Third Degree: Kill skill. Incendiary damage on melee. Increased melee damage
Botteled Courage: Changed to 1 point midstone. 100% shield restored and 25% increased shield regen and 25% decreased shield delay
Dodge This: Changed to 5 point skill. Increased bullet speed, fire rate and weapon swap speed during Showdown
Furious Fire (Hot Lead): Now boostable by COMs
Tombstone: Finally Nerfed! Killing enemies give a stacking chance to randomly crit, all stacks lost when dealing a critical hit and not killing an enemy

Update v1.32: Uh, whoops
Fixed a quite gamebreaking oversight for Furious Fire(Hot Lead)
Last time I swear.

Update v1.31: Fixes and Changes
An actual changelog!
Freedom(Unchained): Stack duration lowered to 1 second, no delay between stack accumulation
Furious Fire(Hot Lead): Yet another overhaul, now sets your fire rate to a specific amount
Magificent Six: Now calculates shots based on shot cost too (Last 12 shots if you consume 2 ammo per shot)
Blood of the Guilty: No longer gives Order stacks on kill and Order Stack cap when specced
No Pain No Gain: 6% per point -> 4% per point

Update v1.3: Yup. Overhaul.
Order skill tree changed around, probably too much
2 new skills, completely new! Yay!

Update v1.21: Minor but important fix
Furious Fire(Hot Lead) is now more balanced and wont crash the game

Update v1.2: Guess what? Overhaul!
Changed around Riflewoman skill tree

Update v1.1: Even more overhaul
Now overhauls Riflewoman skill tree

Update v1.01: Minor fixes
Skill and COM description fixes