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This mod takes several of the returning unique/legendary guns from the base game and changes them into guns inspired by a fellow looter-shooter, Warframe.

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Like many people, I was disappointed in the amount of returning Legendaries (and to a smaller extent the returning uniques) in the game even though there wasn't anything inherently wrong with it. Now though, with the help of some modding tools and a bunch of trial and error, I have (somewhat) changed that.

Introducing: The Warframe Weapons Pack.

This mod aims to take every single returning weapon and transform it into a weapon inspired by the looter-shooter Warframe. From pistols that shoot cluster bombs to assault rifles that have ridiculously high critical damage, there's a little bit of everything in this mod since, well, there's a little bit of everything in Warframe.

Currently, this mod changes 24 of the returning Legendaries in the game into Warframe inspired ones, including, but not limited to:
  • The Blowfly
  • The Striker
  • The Hammer Buster II
  • The Skullmasher
  • ...and many more, obviously.
Once I find more time for this mod, I will go into the returning uniques and modify them as well, to give you even more Warframe loot.

As for the rest of the changed Legendaries, and what they are modified to...I'll let you figure that out on your own.

Requirements & Conflicts

The Borderlands Community Mod Manager (BLCMM) is highly recommended for this. It's just an all-around useful tool for mods like this. Use any method you can to hex edit the game and execute the mod with the developer console.

As for conflicts, any mod that changes aspects of any of the weapons I have modified myself will conflict with this mod, so be sure to check my changed weapons and compare when needed.
Additionally, if you use the Unofficial Community Patch, then the drop locations I have established in my mod will HEAVILY conflict with that mod. If you are using that mod in conjunction with mine, then make sure to uncheck the 'Drop Locations' section in my mod in BLCMM.

Other than that, make sure to activate my mod last to ensure all of the weapons work the way I intended them to work in the mod.

Installation Instruction

Simply copy the .txt into the binaries folder of the Borderlands TPS directory, and then ensure the developer console is active in BLCMM through 'Tools -> Setup game files for mods -> Console Key'. Then execute the .txt in-game by opening the console and typing 'exec WarframeWeaponsPack.txt'.


I recommend starting a new character with this mod, or at the very least using a character you barely use; this messes with a lot of the elemental and weapon parts on every single weapon, and this won't work 100% if you have any of the weapons modified already in your possession.
Additionally, if you use this mod and quit out of the game completely, do NOT start up the game again without executing the mod unless you want to loose some of your newly acquired Warframe weapons. Sanity check and all that.

Happy hunting Vault Hunters, and good luck out there in the Origin're going to need it.