Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
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Replaces lossy compressed audio streams only for one video (kinda silly, yeah) with better sounding ones from the original 2014 game.
Hope this will be a temporary solution and devs will fix this issue with the first patch (already reported about the issue).

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Well, in BLTPS Remastered devs screwed up audio only for one (!) video, which very contrasts with that huge case of overcompression in BL GOTY Enhanced.
And actually, they did it only partially: basic track and French vocal track is totally intact. I replaced vocal tracks for EN, DE, IT, ES, and JP localization with HQ versions taken from original BLTPS (increased filesize for about 1-2mb).

It's kinda silly to make a patch for such minor issue but why not? Hope this will be only a temporary solution before the official patch.

About the actual video: it's one of the videos from the original games' ending sequence.

And about making such fix for Borderlands 2 RM: there's no need for it, all audio is totally fine, I've checked & compared it all.


1. Download.
2. Go to 'BorderlandsPreSequel\DLC\Ailanthus\Lic\Movies' and backup your original 'Jack_OutroCard_4K.bik' if you want.
3. Unpack the mod files into 'BorderlandsPreSequel' folder.