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Several profiles with different amounts of guardian rank, all cosmetic items, 400 bank slots, and ten Golden Keys.

Check out FromDarkHell's Profile Editor for more options regarding profiles:

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For people on PC who want to essentially "reset" their guardian ranks without losing all of their cosmetics. Useful if you want to re-invest where you want your ranks to go. Be sure to grab all of your gear from the Bank and Mail before you replace your profile.sav, or you will lose them. Your controls and settings might be reset if you use this, so you'll need to check and re-adjust your controls and/or settings after placing this file in (actual location may vary):
Steam - C:\Users\(Your username)\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 3\Saved\SaveGames\76561198009349462
Epic - C:\Users\(Your username)\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 3\Saved\SaveGames\094b3b68f94d4a379ba2af3d01412244

A list of what cosmetics are acquired in the profile.sav is in Docs as well as the "cosmetics list.txt" included in the zip folder.

There are four versions available;
18 Guardian Rank - One token invested in every stat. Basically just an All-Cosmetics profile.
375 Guardian Rank - Two versions. One with tokens invested more or less equally between stats (the main file), the other has most tokens invested into stats that affect combat the least (Luck, Vehicle Damage, FFYL Movement Speed).
2085 Guardian Rank - Maximum Guardian stats, all cosmetics.