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Mirror of a cheat utility for editing BL3 save files and profiles.

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There's a similar tool for Borderlands 2 that can be found here!
Another similar tool for The Pre-Sequal can be found here!


A cheat utility made for editing both save files and player profiles for BL3.

And if you're seeing this on the day of upload, happy (late) holidays. Signal boosting this tool is my late gift to those who hadn't found it yet.


Keeping it simple and (more or less) quoting the creator, as I don't have BL3 installed to know details and mockup my own instructions,
  • If you don't know which release to download, you probably will want to download the portable version. Then if that doesn't work, you should try the other version of the release.
  • Click Open, then you can select either a profile (profile.sav) or a game save ([NUMBERS].sav).
  • You can now edit your profile or game save to your hearts content!
  • Now save your profile/save! Profit!

My 2 cents of opinionated advice, take or leave it, with no warranty:
  • As a precaution, don't add any DLC items from DLCs you don't have installed, assuming you get the option to add DLC items.
  • Sometimes, in my experience, running these editor tools as administrator can help alleviate issues with saving your edits. Something to note.
  • Also note that any anti-virus notifications are false flags. This was already scanned and only found 2 false positives, both from some shittier AVs that I know security savvy types don't use. Also by Nexus themselves when I uploaded this.
  • ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR MOTHER FUCKING SAVE FILES. I'm serious, always, even if you think it'll work!

If you find any bugs, be sure to submit an issue to the GitHub issue tracker.


FromDarkHell was the primary creator of this tool. Thank them for doing the bulk of the work. :)

I'll be quoting them once again for the rest of this: