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A lvl 57 mayhem 10 Moze save with perfect gear + anointments. Infinite grenade spam and no reloads with BBB and Cloning Maddening tracker. Wrecks.

Permissions and credits
Changed parts on the Blast Master for maximum mag size and grenade healing. Changed legendary artifact from otto idol to victory rush. Fixed the parts on the Corrosive Kaoson. Added Kaoson in all elements (removed kyb's worth and juliett's dazzle since they are just downgrades, removed rad redistributor since it's not effective in MH10), read below for a list of all weapons and gear. Updated the build with perfect parts MH10 items with 300% dmg while above 90% hp anointments, 200dmg consecutive hits and 160 splash on fire weapons (there's also a 300% fire version for most weapons). 

Items:  Kaoson (all elements), Sandhawk (all elements), Yellowcake, Lob (all elements), Quickie, Scourge (all elements -cryo), Lump (all elements -cryo), Boom Sickle (all elements), Krakatoa, Clairvoyance, Ion Cannon (all elements). 
Unforgiven for crit swapping with Quickie and Kaoson stickies and melting bosses.
50% elemental damage (all elements) Big Boom Blaster, and Maddening tracker (fire, corrosive, shock) 2 of the same elements do not stack 
25% grenade thrown maddening tracker, 75 shield and hp BBB (best for mobbing and circles of slaughter)
bis Pearl of Ineffable knowledge, and last stand victory rush
bis Blast Master and Mindsweeper

Switching weapons after exiting IB will make you lose the splash anointments. Insta exit IB for the shortest cd possible and most uptime on the anointments. How many grenades you can spam depends on the weapon you use, faster fire rate = more regen so you can throw more nades and get more healing from vampyr.

MH3 Slaughtershaft in 14:41 (OLD)

Main story, Dlc 1-2 main quest completed, only 3 side quests and Circles of Slaughter, proving Grounds completed. 


All items are legit (as in they could drop with those parts in game)

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