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Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition Cheat Engine Table

Permissions and credits
The most complete, comprehensive cheat engine table for Borderlands 3 ever made.

List of cheats:

Make Me A Badass!

World Settings
-Player Name -->
-Character Name-->
-Player Id
-Current Playthrough
-Default FOV
-Max Players
-World Time Seconds
-Elapsed Time
-Get World Daylight
-Daylight Modifier
-Player Coord Z
-Player Coord X
-Player Coord Y
-Character Scale Z
-Character Scale X
-Character Scale Y
-Player Velocity Z
-Player Velocity X
-Player Velocity Y
-Current Movement Mode
-Enable Fly Mode
-Enable Fly Mode + No Collision
-Fly Speed
-Enable Collision (Careful Will Fall Through Floor)
-Air Control
-Air Control Boost Multiplier
-Air Control Boost Velocity Threshold
-Gravity Scale
-Player Speed
-Max Walk Speed
-Max Walk Speed Crouched
-Max Walk Speed Injured
-Max Walk Speed Injured Being Revived
-Max Sprint Speed
-Max Injured Sprint Speed
-Is Targetable (Use To Turn Invisible)
-Is Targetable By Human Players
-Is Targetable By AI Players
-Is Targetable By None Players
-Max Swim Speed
-Max Custom Movement Speed
-Max Acceleration
-Max Ground Speed Scale
-Braking Friction Factor
-Braking Friction
-Braking Deceleration Walking
-Braking Deceleration Falling
-Braking Deceleration Swimming
-Braking Deceleration Flying
-Max Speed Scale To Use Braking Boost
-Braking Friction Boost When Exceeding Max Speed
-Braking Deceleration Walking Boost When Exceeding Max Speed
-Braking Deceleration Falling Boost When Exceeding Max Speed
-Falling Lateral Friction
-Custom Movement Mode
-Min Touch Force
-Max Touch Force
-Repulsion Force
-Crouched Speed Multiplier
-Crouched Half Height
-Upper Impact Normal Scale
-Max Ladder Ascend Speed
-Max Ladder Descend Speed
-Max Ladder Forward Speed
-Max Ladder Reverse Speed
-Ladder Braking Deceleration
-Ladder Interp Speed
-Ladder Friction
-Ladder Jump Velocity
-Jump Max Hold Time
-Jump Count
-Jump Max Count
-Jump Goal Height
-Apply Gravity While Jumping
-Ground Slam Height
-Is Dueling?
-Is Tired?

Teleport Locations (WIP)
-Sanctuary 3 (All Needed Locations On Map Complete)
-Pandora (All Needed Locations On Map Complete)
-Covenant Pass (All Needed Locations On Map Complete)
-Ascension Bluff (All Needed Locations On Map Complete)
-The Droughts (All Needed Locations On Map Complete)
-The Splinterlands (All Needed Locations On Map Complete)
-Konrad's Hold (All Needed Locations On Map Complete)

-Mouse Over Inventory Item Stats
--Game Stage
--Experience Level
--Inventory Score Value
--Inventory Data
--Item Component Count
--Item Component
--Annointed Component Count
--Anointed Part Data
--ReRoll Count
--Sell Price
-Inventory Size
--Max Inventory Items
--Max Inventory Items BASE
-Bank Size
-Unlock Inventory Locked Equipment Slots
--Slot 1 Enabled
--Slot 2 Enabled
--Slot 3 Enabled
--Slot 4 Enabled
--Slot 5 Enabled
--Slot 6 Enabled
--Slot 7 Enabled
--Slot 8 Enabled
-Pickup Items Even If Full Inventory

Experience and Lvl
-Player Current Experience
-Uncapped Experience
-Player Level
-Player Game Stage
-Combat Experience Multiplier
-Mission Experience Multiplier
-All Experience Multiplier

Health and Shield
-God Mode
-Character Damage Impact Percent
--Current Value
--Max Value
--Active Regeneration Rate
--Health Regen Delay
--Current Value
--Max Value
--Active Regeneration Rate
--Shield Regen Delay
--Shield Regen Amount

Weapon and Ammo
-Infinite Ammo
-No Recoil
-Held Item Stats - Edit The Item Your Holding! - Most Things Not Perm
-COV Weapons Never Overheat
-Ammo Regen Rate
-Ammo Values - All Ammo Values!

Skill Tree And Points - Skill Tree Editor For Every Class!

Max Points
Ability Slot Unlock
Slot 1 Unlock
Slot 2 Unlock
Grade Points To Unlock First Tier

Currency And Keys
-Golden Key
-Diamond Key
-Fallen Heroes Key
-Bunker Masters Key
-Welcome to Pandora Key

Guardian Rank
-Guardian Experience
-Available Tokens
-Guardian Rank
-Guardian Rank Enabled For Game Mode
-Guardian Rank System Enabled
-Guardian Rank Rewards Editor
-Rank Perks Unlocker

Vault Cards
-Vault Card XP - Gives A Ton Of Vault Card Exp With Every Kill!
-Fallen Heroes Vault Card
--Vault Keys
--Vault Card Chest
--Vault Card Level
--Vault Card Points

-Welcome To Pandora Vault Card
--Vault Card Chest
--Vault Keys
--Vault Card Level
--Vault Card Points
-Bunker Masters Vault Card
--Vault Keys
--Vault Card Chest
--Vault Card Level
--Vault Card Points

Mayhem Mode
-Mayhem Active?
-Mayhem Level
-Mayhem Environment Scalar
-Mayhem Skill Scalar
-Mayhem Modifier Set
--Mayhem Modifier Slot 1
--Mayhem Modifier Slot 2
--Mayhem Modifier Slot 3
--Mayhem Modifier Slot 4

Class ID Editor - Change Your Class!

Multipliers - To Many To List

SDU Editor

Vehicle Editor Player And Enemies

-Enemy Modifiers
-Affinity Normal
-Affinity Fire
-Affinity Shock
-Affinity Corrosive
-Affinity Radiation
-Affinity Cryo
-Enemy Health Scalar Value (Do Not Set To 0)
-Enemy Shield Scalar Value (Do Not Set To 0)
-Enemy Armor Scalar Value (Do Not Set To 0)
-Is Anointed?
-Show Damage Numbers?
-Use Damage Scale?
-God Mode?
-Always Rare Enemies
-Pop All Enemies (Can Bug Out Enemies) (Can Helps With Stuck Mobs)

Vending Machines
-Inventory Shop Reset Period
-Seconds Before Shop Reset
-Vending Machine Everything Free

Science Machine
-Science Level Progression
-Science CS Bucks Amount
-Is Tutorial Done?
-Science Active Booster Remaining Time
-Science Active Booster Total Time
-Stop Science Item Boost Timer

Loot Drop Rates (Legendary Run Scripts)
Moxxi's Slot Machine Modifier

Item Pool Editor - Change Item Pools To Over 700 Different Pools In The Game!
-Vending Machine Item Pool Editor
-Basic Enemy Item Pool Editor
-Boss Item Pool Editor
--Boss Special Items Drops
-Targeting Enemy Loot Editor (Old Version - Basic Enemy Item Pool Editor Is Easier To Use)

Table was made with Cheat Engine 7.4: If you have issues please check your version first