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The purpose of this build is to balance Moze to be more on par with the other top tier characters.

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Welcome to my Moze game save!
This is my first time contributing to the community since joining. If you like the save, please show some love and drop a thumbs up.

This build has a focus on ammo regen from the green tree, and damage/grenades/splashing in the blue tree. Grenades not needed for sustainment. 

All version 1.X.X builds have a focus on slightly modded guns. Not all are viable for M10 anymore. Those guns are not included in this build. 

Moze just doesn't have the same damage output as the other characters. Moze seems to be the weakest damage-wise at this point in time. Part of the problem is Moze just isn't convenient to spam ASE, so other anointments are needed instead. Also a lack of healing outside od grenades or shooting at full speed which isn't always possible or easy to do. 

In my previous builds, version 1.X.X's, I focused on making slightly modded guns. In this build, I am trying to use only legit guns while focusing on the class mod (other characters can't use that) along with the relic, shield, and grenade which can work on any character. These items are meant to be well balanced to still provide a challenge to the game which is why I didn't stack all damage anoints on the class mod and choose some "weaker" anointments. 

This is not meant to be a 0 thinking/challenge build. This is very well balanced but only if you play against the enemy's weaknesses. Don't expect an easy brute force method. If you want that, go find guns with 5 billion damage and 1 shot the entire game, that's not what this build is about, there are plenty of those kinds of modded guns all over the place.

What my modded items are NOT about:
Crazy high damage.
Game breaking grenades.
Crazy amounts of red text

What my modded items DO have:
Extra effect on the relic. 
Slight shield capacity bonus.
Slightly more grenade splitting and damage.
Custom made class mod
Slightly modded gun weapon damage (Only if the gun needs it) (None as of this current save file)

Changes made to each item: 

  • All Stared Items: Completly legit, none modded. If I add modded guns later on request, they will not have stars on them to tell apart.
  • The Old God: Added extra capacity to the old god (Radiation since all weapons have +150% radiation bonus damage while under 50% health) and the transformer effect.
  • Cloning maddening tracker: Extra divider in it to heal/do damage/ proc grenade regen.
  • Lightspeed: Added 3 roiders for extra damage and transfusion effect. 
  • Bloodletter: Since I want to keep health at 1% for the bonus radiation damage anointment, and for the full effect of desperate measures, I combined it with the sapper class mod (gun steal while holding down trigger) and picked +5 in 3 different red tree skills since I am not going into the red tree at all. +5 to desperate measures, thin red line, and Phalanx Doctrine. If anyone wants +6 in desperate measures or to chance Phalanx Doctrine into drowning in brass, let me know in the comments.
  • Deathless artifact: Added snowdrift to give Moze some movement speed since she is just so slow overall. Added pearl of knowledge because every good build runs that relic, it's just meta on every character. 

Suggestion? Request? 

If you have any suggestions let me know.
Is something too powerful?
How would you respec it?
Should some things be buffed more?
Should additional items be buffed?
 Any other items that would be a really good fit for this build?
Thoughts and feedback would be appreciated! Thanks for reading!