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This simple mod makes what it says.
Enemies lose way more Blood.
You can change the Amount of the blood Deacals using BLCMM.
Also allows changes to the duration of the blood decals aswell as the dead bodies befor they start to despawn.

Permissions and credits

To use this mod you first have to Hex edit your BL2.exe, I reccomend using BLCMM for that.
In this mod are only Hotfixes!!!-> Import this mod to your patch using "Import Mod" in BLCMM or shit will break!!!

Now also with Particle Support!!!
Change the Size of the Particles to your liking.
Chose from 3 different blood Particles!

Any feedback is welcome.

Please use BLCMM to configure this Mod to your liking.

Really recommend using Live Dismember from Hemaxhu

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