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Changes all of Hyperions Yellow-White enviromental and enemy textures into White-Red.
This is a Texmod and requires you to start up BL2 via Texmod each time.

Permissions and credits
This mod overlays several hundred Hyperion related Yellow-White textures with White-Red ones,
replacing some english text with Japanese and replaces one flag with the Rising Sun Flag.
Included are enviromental and enemy textures, but no gun textures.

This mod was originaly near completion in 2019 however due to a dieing harddrive the WIP files were lost leaving only the .tpf file (the most important one).
Therefore not 100% of all textures are edited, like Handsome jack himself.
but now i have decided to upload it anyway 2 years later.
Currently working on adding the remaining textures.

How to run this (or any) mod with Texmod:

1. Open Texmod
2. As "Target Application" set the Borderlands2.exe wich should be located in SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Borderlands 2\Binaries\Win32.
3. Within the Texmod exe click on the center button with a folder shown on top (above the button with a red X. Select Browse.
4. Select the Hyperion Total Retexture 18.06.2019.tpf file you have extracted from the .7z file you`ve downloaded
5. Hyperion Total Retexture 18.06.2019 should appear listed in the left box under package name.
6. Press the "Run" button at the bottom center of the Texmod exe to start BL2 via Texmod.

IMPORTANT WARNING:  this Texmod is enormous for a Texmod (226 MB) and
KNOWN ISSUES:              might cause an infinite load on starting up BL2,
AND POTENTIAL:             needing the game to be force closed and started again.
SOLUTIONS:                     This is fixed by setting the game to "Fullscreen windowed".

                                           Also due to the way Texmod works, (Overlaying modded textures over vanilla ones instead of replacing them)
                   if you already struggle to run BL2 smoothly this wont help.
  Lowering view distance will mitigate most fps loss.

  Due to the size of this mod several more issues can occure:
  Tabbing out of the game may overlay a random texture over the game.
                                           Usualy tabbing in an out several times again fixes this.
  Tabbing out of the game also has a chance brake this mod until the game is restarted.

  Setting the game to "Fullscreen windowed" in the game options fixes tabbing related issues.