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BL2Fix is an overhaul mod that targets the issues with Borderlands 2's loot systems, character progression, pacing, balance and endgame and fixes them by carefully adjusting XP rates, loot drops and item generation. It also features a plethora of quality of life improvements to give you the best Borderlands 2 experience out there.

Permissions and credits
Key Features:

-One click, customizable install
-Running the newest version of the installer will update the mod automatically
-Manual install available for those who fear the executable

-Optional QOL Improvements
-Dialogue skip
-Cutscene skip
-Mission reward rerolling
-Restored level/OP caps
-Unlimited bank space
-And much more!

-Rebalanced practically every loot source in the game
-All loot now Improves with playthrough and number of players
-Raid loot has been redone from the ground up
-Enemies wielding high quality guns will drop them on death
-Rare spawn enemies now have significantly improved drop rates
-Any loot source with multiple drops in a single pool has been made to roll each drop at the proper rate individually
-Weapon and Item part spawns now improve with playthrough
-Digipeak bosses now drop loot to help you progress through the overpower levels
-And much more!

-Farming and sidequesting is now entirely optional!
-With BL2Fix, you can play from level 1 to Level 72 OP8 doing only main story missions!
-This is made possible with the newly redesigned loot systems and a large boost to your experience rates when you are 3 levels underlevelled.
-Playing the game from level 1 to 72 OP8 without farming or sidequesting will be very difficult, but always possible. We call it challenge mode.
-Challenge mode is the ultimate test of your looting and shooting abilities. Are you up for the challenge?
-That's not to say that we didn't touch farming, though. BL2 should now be more rewarding to play than ever.
-Oh yeah, and we tripled XP in UVHM. Have fun!

For a full list of changes, checkout the changelog!

Also visit the BL2Fix Discord and check us out on twitch!