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A small tool to change some of the odd settings only found in the ini files

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This tool reads the .ini files that Borderlands 2 stores its settings in and makes it easy for you to change the more important ones.

There are not many options available right now since I only added what I found most useful.
If you want somethings else added leave it in the comments and I'll see what I can do.

Texture Fade In Fix
    Turning this on will fix the slow texture streaming to objects when a container is opened
    It may have an impact on performance on lower end machines
    Distortion is the effect when bullets hit something or the heat wave from an explosion
    Turning it off may help performance in heavy combat and is hardly a noticeable loss
God Rays
    The light rays that you see when looking past objects up at the sky
    Turning these off can improve performance while in outdoors areas
Dynamic Lightning
    High- Both dynamic light and dynamic shadows are on. Best looking, worst performance
    Medium- Dynamic shadows turned off. Only still objects will have shadows, higher performance
    Off- No dynamic lightning. Makes the game look bland, highest performance
Shadow Resolution
    Controls how smooth in game shadows are. Higher numbers mean smoother shadows and performance loss
    There is no obvious difference after 1024 so unless you like standing around examining shadows then 1024 should be fine
Seconds Until Corpse Removal
    Default is 600
    This is pretty self explanatory. Corpses can pile up pretty fast and on low-medium grade systems it can start to lag.
    Decrease this number to have them start despawning faster
    Turning this on will enable the console. Use the Tilde key (~) to open it in game. The type key for commands is /
    For some reason this doesn't always work. It doesn't on my game, but it does for the couple people I had test it.

    There really is no installation, but I had a few people asking me so here you go
    1. Download the .zip
    2. Extract the .exe and .dll wherever you want. Just keep them together.
    3. Now you can run the .exe and use it to change whatever you want

*Update v1.1*
    I altered the original code to make it more efficient. I realize it is already a tiny program and didn't need optimization, but messy code bothers me.