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A small mod for Borderlands/Enhanced that lets you use the rocket launchers to rocket jump.

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What is this mod?
This mod makes it so the rocket launchers have knock back much like the grenades so you can use them to rocket jump.

Does this mod work for Borderlands Enhanced?
Yes, download, install instructions and save games here.

How do I get the Rocket Launchers?
Unfortunately, I can't just make them spawn in the game normally like you would be able to in most games. So I've made a small map where you can get the rocket launchers for different stages of the game. Each stage is separated with context clues of which part of the game you could be upgrading to a new launcher. I've included saves that unlock fast traveling right away, so you can get them as soon as possible.

What has changed?
I tried to keep everything as close as possible to normal launchers, but I did change a few things for the sake of fun. The blast radius has been lowered so you don't ping pong around (as much), the explosion particles have been made smaller so you can see if you popped enemies into the air for some sick air shots, and a small baseline damage resistance to blast has been added so you can rocket jump more.

What is new?
I added a few new legendary rocket launchers inspired by tf2 rocket launchers. Some can be found inside the chests and vending machines on the new map. The rest can be obtained by doing a few simple quests for TK Baha inside the new map. The quests can be completed easily while progressing through the game normally, so don't waste your time grinding.

Can I play this with friends?
Absolutely, just make sure everyone has the mod installed and everyone has the new map on the same mapslot in oasis. There is some weird stuff that happens with characters with the new launchers joining people that don't have one of the new launchers yet, so starting at the same time or waiting until the host has one of the new launchers is recommended.

How should I play this mod?
I'd highly recommend playing this with the 2nd playthrough or 3rd playthrough saves I've included in the optional files. I'd also recommend playing with friends since you'll probably go down from rocket jumping. Lastly completing fresh off the bus before fast traveling to oasis is recommended so you can get back to fyrestone without having to quit out.

Why are some chests empty?

Rocket launchers in the game only spawn at a certain player level (around level 8 or 9). The chests are empty for your current level but will be populated over time.

Why did you make this?

I made this mod because Team Fortress 2 and Borderlands 1 are two of my favorite games. Rocket jumping in tf2 is one of the main mechanics and I find it really fun. It just seemed natural to bring it to Borderlands 1, and I had wanted to do something like this for a long time.

Installation Instructions
1. Install Oasis

2. Download this mod

3. Navigate to Borderlands\WillowGame\CookedPC\DLC

4. Place the RocketJumper Folder there (Should look like this)

5. Navigate to Borderlands\WillowGame\CookedPC\Maps\MapSlots

6. Move Mapslot10 here, replace when prompted (If you already have a mod on mapslot 10, back it up or choose a new number and make sure your friends choose the same number)

7. Download one of the save files in the optional files

8. Navigate to Documents\My Games\Borderlands\SaveData

9. Back up your old saves just in case

10. Place the save file you downloaded here