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Mod adds 21 new items to the game (Some from other games). Includes an optional map with more ways to obtain loot.

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About the mod:

The mod includes 21 new items to obtain, and a weapon upgrade system for 5 weapons. Includes an optional custom map for more ways to obtain loot. To obtain upgraded weapons simply get kills with the weapon and it will have a chance to drop.

  • 2 Grenade Mods
  • 5 Rocket Launchers
  • 2 Repeaters
  • 2 Revolvers
  • 2 Rifles
  • 2 Shields 
  • 2 Shotguns
  • 4 Snipers

    *NOTE: Everything from this mod is duplicated straight from BL game files then edited. If other mods have similar textures, assets, and or materials its because they used the same textures, assets, and or materials. If something is stolen from you or anyone else please contact me and have proof that it's not Originally from BL game files or is a 1 to 1 match. Recoloring and or changing values of OG BL Assets does NOT mean it's your Asset.


  1. Merge WillowGame folders within "steamapps\common\Borderlands" with the one given in zip file.

  2. Open the character you want within Willow Tree and use the code within "LegX Vial Code" to give yourself vial. (Not necessary for map users)

  3. For map users install Oasis.

  4. Do the same as step 2 and merge WillowGame folders and replace mapslot23 when asked.

  5. Head to Oasis, hit the button right outside of spawn to rotate map slots and hit mapslot23.

Borderlands Remastered Users:


*UPDATE: Willow tree now available for Remaster users, get it here -> WillowTree
you will still need to do as instructed below for Oasis but for nonmap users you can get the vial.

Installing the mod works the same way as above but Willow Tree won't work, to install Oasis for BLR use method 2 in the readme of Oasis. When you install the mod you will notice a lot of missing textures. To fix this you will need the original Borderlands installed. 

  1. Head to OG Borderlands directory and head to "WillowGame\CookedPC"
  2. Copy and Paste the "Packages" folder into... 
  3. "steamapps\common\BorderlandsGOTYEnhanced\WillowGame\CookedPC"
  4. When you merge files it will ask you to replace or skip. Skip Files DO NOT REPLACE.
  5. Once that is done head to... 
  6. "steamapps\common\Borderlands\WillowGame\CookedPC\DLC\DLC3\Packages\Characters"
  7. Find "dlc3_Char_Crimson_Lance.upk" copy that and put that in...
  8. "steamapps\common\BorderlandsGOTYEnhanced\WillowGame\CookedPC\Packages"
    This will fix Crimson Lance Textures. When you launch the game you will get a message saying you have a duplicate file, that's ok it won't break your game.

If done as above all custom maps should have no broken textures.

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