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A ReShade preset which makes the nights and caves darker and changes the colors a bit. It makes the lights more "realisic" (if you wanna call it like that).
Almost no performance loss (I think).

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Note: The darker image from the images on this site is the preset!

Some weeks back I was messing around with ReShade in Borderlands for fun to see how the look could be altered or improved. Now this preset is essential for me, so I decided to share it. If you wanna play Borderlands again or for the first time, give this preset a try! I bet you won't regret it!

This preset makes the nights, interiors and caves darker, but not unplayable dark - just more challenging! It also changes the color a bit. I think it looks almost like a lighting mod.

The effects used in this preset are:

Technicolor, Tonemap, AmbientLight, Curves, LumaSharpen (and if you want Border press INS(ert))


1. Download ReShade

2. Install it to Borderlands (and tick Direct3D 9 in installation)

3. To reduce the load time when the game starts up, you have the option to only install the effects that are needed for this preset which are pointed out above. Otherwise install all effects.

4. Download this file, unzip and drop it into the folder where your Borderlands exe is located

5. Once you are in the game, press SHIFT + F2 to open the ReShade menu and go through the little tutorial.

6. Select Borderlands Atmospheric ReShade from the drop down menu in the ReShade menu.

7. Enjoy!

With SHIFT + F11 you can disable the ReShade preset (<-- if you can't do this, you can bind a key or key-combination to it within the settings-tab of the ReShade menu. It's called Effects Togglekey)

Very recommended for Borderlands is the Borderlands Advanced Settings tool. Pretty essential at least for me!