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A Revolver what makes enemies fight on your side.

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Fancy revolver covered in blessed aura has 1% chance to convert enemy to fight player side. Also being blessed grants that revolver laser pinpoint accuracy. But wait, does Anshin make revolvers? The answer is - yes they do

Well this weapon I ve made out of boredom, and its mostly for fun uses.

After converting enemy to your side it will still attack you, but when you get away from battle it will attack enemies. This bug cannot be fixed because its hardcoded in AI.

If you convert 2 or more enemies and they kill all remaining oponents, they will start fighting each other, or they will attempt to hurt you again.

This weapon can be sometimes annoying for second wind - because you convert enemy instead of killing him so you dont recieve second wind, although its only 1% chance per shot

If you die after converting enemies they will be friendly to you after respawn

Converting refills enemy health to 100%

You are able to convert every enemy including bosses (I didnt test destroyer though). If you convert one of the main bosses - like Rakk Hive and then you would like to kill it you will have to exit area and enter again. Then any converted enemy should hate you again.

I advise to dont convert enemies on Mad Moxxi Arena, because you may get stuck in one wave, when enemy is friendly to you

For more weapons and download instructions please visit my forum thread on Gearbox forums: