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Your own Crimson Lance Scorpio Turret

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Its mod what allow you to deploy Crimson Lance Scorpio Turret at the cost of 9 grenades. I created 11 Scorpio Turrets so far, and it includes Scorpios used by Lance Medics and Badass Soldiers. We have original Turrrets from DLC3 like Flamethrower, Homing Corrosive Rocket Scorpio, and Shock Scorpio what shat kinda boring projectiles so I have improved them a bit. I also created other Elemental versions of Turrets mentioned up here and one Turret wich is my own idea.

Here are descriptions of the turrets:

Flamethrower Scorpio

As mentioned above Flamethrower Scorpio from DLC3. Its red text Papa Roast is reference to Papa Roach band. Flamethrower does a lot of damage, but its effectiveness is rather for close range. Perefct for making Skags extra crispy

Acidthrower Scorpio

Shoots stream of acid at enemies leaving totall mayhem among enemies. It shoots faster than Flamethrower but does less damage. Red text Rust in Peace is reference to Megadeth song Rust in Peace. Exacly like Flamethrower its effective rather in close range combat, bandits are often out of range. Very effective against armored enemies though

Lightning Thrower

It has the slowest rate of fire of all Thrower Turrets, but also does highest damage. It strips any shield without seconds, and thanks to high Shock DOT its also effective vs flesh. Ride the Lightning red text is reference to Metallica - Ride the Lightning song. I think this Scorpio is best used in unexpecting attack strategy, if we throw it at enemies before they take cover it will heavily damage/kill them. Great weapon against guardians.

Homing Rocket Scorpios

Starting from Corrosive one its exacly the same what Badass Chemical Trooper drops in DLC3. Scorpio shoots small homing rockets with very high elemental chance. Very funny to watch rockets home on your enemies

High Impact Damage Scorpios

Dont really know how else can I call them. I will start from Shock Turret wich is from Badass Shock Trooper from DLC3. Like I mentioned above I edited these Turrets to be more effective than original one from DLC3. Original Scorpio shat fast moving shock ball what was doing high Shock Impact damage, it wasnt really effective when used by player so I ve made interesting Firing Mode for it. Projectiles attach to enemies and do a lot of Impact Damage over time and have chance to leave DOT effect. Results are very nice in combat - thanks to Impact damage enemy who is hit is stunned as long as he is hit by Scorpio. Shocking Scorpio shoots small shock balls, Corroding shoots small needles, and Flaming shoots small fireballs. Well what else I can say about it, you have to check it out yourselves

Aid Station Scorpio

This one deserve to be a pearl Scorpio. Its healing rate is really impressive (when 1 projectile hits player it restores around the same amount of health what Super Insta-Vial does), but scorpio itself is easy to kill by enemies. When placed in right place though it can decide about victory on battlefield without the need to respawn. Red text is Roland's quote when he sees a health vial.

Blast Turret Scorpio

This one is my own idea. This scorpio makes explosion what has really big knockback - it pushes enemies away, leaving you safe time to reload or take cover. Red text Cause I'm T.N.T. is reference to AC/DC song T.N.T.. I am still working on this one - I am trying to make it have 360 degree range. Blast Turret Scorpio is great when fighting with melee creatures like skags, spiderants etc. , does also great job in Mad Moxxi arena on Horde Waves. And well its pretty funny to watch enemies fly

Credit to Nolaftw and his awesome grenade cooldown system