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Florian Fahrenberger

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Adds haptic effects for "Bonelab" in the OWO skin. Effects include gun recoil, holstering, and getting hit.

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Where can I get the gear?

To buy the suit, visit the OWO shop:



If you want to get the mod file without a Nexusmods account, you can download it from the GitHub:

  • Download and install MelonLoader (and the requirements for it if needed) into the game's directory. There are versions available for the most current MelonLoader and for MelonLoader 0.5.7 (BonelabLegacy_OWO) for compatibility with other mods.
  • Download and extract the "" file of this mod into your game directory. It will add the mod DLL and "OWO" folder with sensations to the existing "Mods" directory, and the OWO library to the existing "UserLibs" directory.
  • That's it. Start your OWO app in the same network, connect to the OWO skin, and start up the game. The game might take an extra minute on the first startup, but should be fast afterwards.

If you have any issues or suggestions, the best way to contact me is to ping me on the OWO Discord:

Compatibility with other Bonelab core mods

If you have other Bonelab scripted mods installed, they might be running on an old version 0.5.7 of MelonLoader. You can then get the alternative file "" for installation and the mod works with those.

You can adjust the sensations you feel in the game simply by editing the ".owo" files in the "OWO" subfolder with the Sensation Creator. Be aware that the muscle(s) saved as "Hit*.owo" will be ignored and the effect will be applied to whatever muscle is triggered in the game. Sometimes the auto-connection fails, especially if your networks tends to filter some UDP packages. If you want to set a manual IP instead, you can place a file called "OWO_Manual_IP.txt" in the "Mods" directory, containing just one line with your desired IP, e.g. "". That will make the mod connect to this IP instead of auto-searching for the OWO skin in the network.

This mod communicates with the OWO skin when certain events are detected in "Arizona Sunshine" to give you haptic feedback. These are some of the currently implemented haptic effects:
  • Gun recoil left/right
  • Directional hits (bullets, slices, blunt, explosions, fire, ice, ...)
  • Heart beating when on low health
  • Holstering guns
  • Switching avatars