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Enhances Miriam's appearance inspired by Vusc’s Official box art. New textures for hair, eyes and default dress. Fixes a bug in the game that affects all mods that change Miriam's head and that makes Miriam's eyes disappear after obtaining a new shard.Updated to version 1.31 of the game.

Permissions and credits

Miriam's Appearance Improved v4.0 ~ by Ashtar01


I made these modifications for my personal use but now I decided to share them exclusively on Nexus Mods !  : )

They were based on this conceptual art by Mana Ikeda (aka @Vusc):

The changes were:

► I made some adjustments to the proportions of Miriam's face to make her more attractive and beautiful
(No more sleepy eyes too!);

► I created a new texture for Miriam's default dress(All available colors have been modified);

► I created new textures for the eyes, making them bigger and changing the default blue color to Blue Lilac to reflect Mana Ikeda’s official box art (includes an option that does not change the color of the default eyes);

► I changed the color of Miriam's default skin to a pale pink color as seen in Mana Ikeda’s official box art;

► I created a new hair texture in a light brown tone for the default hairdo and "Hair Apparent XII"(Valkyrie) according
to Mana Ikeda’s official box art and in the respective colors available for both hairstyles;

► Skin color adjustments that affect the Valkyrie dress, Lili's appearance from the "Bunnymorphosis" shard and
Elf Ears accessory texture.

Hope you enjoy and have fun! :)



► 2022-06-14 - Updated to version 1.31 and also included a version with Miriam's lips smaller:

- Updated to version 1.31. I did the conversion as best I could so that the mod works exactly as it did before the update to version 1.31.

- I added a new option just for the eyes "Blue-Lilac" with a slight reduction in the size of Miriam's lips. Thank a person who offered me something very interesting that convinced me to make this option available.

- Added new textures for all available hairstyles.


1 - To avoid mess and confusion with mods, create a folder (for example, "Mods" or "~Mods") within the "Paks" folder in the game directory. It can be any name because it makes no difference.

2 - Choose only one of the versions "Ashtar01MiriamAIBLECW_p.pak" or "Ashtar01MiriamAIBECW_p.pak".The two together in the same place are incompatible with each other.

2 - Copy the file "Ashtar01MiriamAIBLECW_p.pak" or "Ashtar01MiriamAIBECW_p.pak" into this newly created folder.


To uninstall:

1) Delete the file "Ashtar01MiriamAIBLECW_p.pak" or "Ashtar01MiriamAIBECW_p.pak" located inside the folder that was created to place the mod files inside the "Paks" folder in the game directory.


- Not compatible with other mods that change the material, mesh and texture of the following items:

► "Miriam's Head";
"Miriam's Skin texture";(default skin only)
"Miriam's Default Dress texture";(all colors available)
"Miriam's Eye colors";(all colors available)
"Textures used in Miriam's hairstyles";(all colors available)
"Elf Ears accessory texture";(default skin only)
"Valkyrie Dress Skin Texture";(default skin only)
"Lili's Skin Texture from the "Bunnymorphosis" shard".


My work was created to be shared exclusively on "Bloodstained RotN NEXUS MODS".
If you want to make available my file elsewhere you MUST ask my authorization and follow the necessary procedures to get my written permission. Permissions granted in previous
work, does not apply to my new work. You will need to get a new authorization which will apply to this current work only, ok ? Thank you.


"Animated and Improved Scarves V4.0 Final" by Ashtar01

  " Enhanced Headgear v1.4 " by Ashtar01

" Stained Glass Wings v2.0 " by Ashtar01

      " Bat Wings V3.0 " by Ashtar01

" New Colors for Zangetsu v1.2 " by Ashtar01

"Detective Eye - Blood Steal - Money is Power
Alternatives v2.0 " by Ashtar01

" Enhanced Eyeglasses v2.0 " by Ashtar01

" Twin Mermaids Scarf v3.0 " by Ashtar01

     " IGA SwordWhip Improved v2.0 " by Ashtar01

   "IGA Parma and Xmas Parma V1.0" by Ashtar01

" Words of Wisdom Invisible - Gold Coins Attack
- Zangetsu's Elemental Kunai v1.2" by Ashtar01


Thank you, "IGA" (Koji Igarashi), for creating another fun game for us who are fans of your Metroidvania games !!

Thanks so much, too, to everyone at Discord for the tools, information, and help creating mods for this awesome game. :)