Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

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Replace the default cheats with REAL cheats

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Adds new cheat codes. Default cheats are not replaced.

Enter a cheat code as your file name when starting a new game. You will hear a special sound if the cheat worked.

Only one cheat can be active per game save. The cheat is applied when you first set your nameChanging your name after this will not activate another cheat.

Cheat Codes

These are custom codes that mainly give you a starting item. Some of them have special effects, like unlocking Nightmare mode.

You can find all the cheat codes in this article: Cheat Codes

Item Codes

Item codes give you a starting item in quantities of 1, 2, or the item's maximum.

They all use item IDs. You can find the full list in this article: Item Codes

Mod Combos

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How to Use

See Docs for mod install instructions.


Compatible with all currently released mods.

Any mod that affects the file below will conflict with this one.


This file affects: the list of available cheat codes, the effect of functional codes (unlock Nightmare/change head size), and the effect of starting item codes (which item to start with, and in what quantity).


27th August 2019:

  • Released version 3.1
  • Bugfix: Classic codes (eg BLUEBLUR) were no longer working
  • Bugfix: 8-bit Nightmare item was excluded from the cheat codes list
  • Bugfix: Removed non-inventory items (eg Max HP Up) as their cheats do anything

26th August 2019:

  • Added articles for main cheat codes and item codes
  • Updated description to link to articles
  • Added note on medal exceptions

22nd August 2019:

  • Released version 3
  • Changed name to "Real Cheats Plus"
  • Updated description & banner image

14th August 2019 (2):

  • Released version 2
  • Changed name to "Real Cheats"
  • SEQUENCEBREAK now gives you High Jump (community suggestion by kazuho)
  • Added a file listing the effects of each starting item
  • Added files for modders.
  • Improved mod description.

14th August 2019 (1):

  • Released version 1


Feedback and suggestions are welcome.