Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
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Disables visual effects and/or voice lines for certain shards.

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Disables visual effects for the following shards:

  • Money is Power
  • Regenerate
  • Words of Wisdom

It will not disable visual effects for the following shards, as it results in them not working properly:

  • Detective Eye
  • Healing

Disables voice lines for the following shards:

  • Tis Rozain

Shard sounds will still play, but Miriam will not shout the shard's name.
This change is included because both changes are done to the same file and I am too lazy to provide separate files.


The following changes have been made to PB_DT_ShardMaster.uasset:

  • Moneyispower, SkilledMoneyispower
    • BulletSTR "P0000_MONEY_IS_POWER" > "None"
  • Regeneration, SkilledRegeneration
    • BulletSTR "P0000_WISDOM_WORDS" > "None"
  • Wisdomwords, SkilledWisdomwords
    • BulletSTR "P0000_WISDOM_WORDS" > "None"

  • TissRosain
    • VoiceIdArray ["Vo_P1000_080_jp"] > ["None"]


Kudos to ashtar01 for their "Words of Wisdom / Healing / Regenerate Invisible" mod, which this one was based on. I used their mod as a base, reverting their removal of the effects for the healing shard in order to avoid a resulting bug that prevented it from working properly.

Thanks to joneirik for their support with modding the game.


Source code.