Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
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A mod with simple fixes to improve the game experience! Check description for detailed changes. Updated to 1.20!

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Improved Gameplay

Hello! This is a game improvement mod, it changes some stuff like making the Bloodbringer familiar attack as it should or remove diagonal inputs on combos to make them easier to execute. It now also add a lot of diversity into the weapon attribute side of the game and rebalances a lot of techs in order for them to feel worth the input.

Updated to 1.20!
The .7z file have 2 files, select the one that suits you better.

Here is the full list:


Improved Bloodbringer familiar to make it attack consistently and land more hits.
Improved Carabosse shoot speed.
Improved Silver Knight spear rain to make it faster.
Improved Dantalion to make it buff and attack more often.
Improved Archer Familiar STR and INT scaling per level.


Removed all diagonal inputs from techs to make them easier to execute while retaining the original button sequence.
Some techs has been improved on the scaling part in order to better scale with miriam's stats or modified effects.

Assassinate: Increased critical rate.

Power Slash: Scaling damage boosted.
Force Blast: Base damage and scaling damage boosted.
Back Steal: Increased critical rate.

Sickle Moon: Base uncharged damage and full charge damage scaling boosted.
Trucidating Gyre: Base uncharged damage and full charge damage scaling boosted. Added block frames on the spin animation.

Lasting Wound: Increased the base damage of the first and second hit.

Orbital Wheel: Increased scaling damage on finish animations. Added block frames to the spining animation.
Penetrate: Now can be casted while in the air.

Flashing Air Kick: Increased base damage on both first and second kick.
Hatchet Heel: Increased recovery animation damage.

Critical Swing: Increased tornado critical chance.

Crimsom Blizzard: Projectile now goes pass enemies and have bigger size.
Helmsplitter: Increased debuff duration to 60 seconds.
Sansetsuzan: Increased damage on the first 2 strikes, reduced damage on the third one (full combo damage have higher damage than before).

Weapons and Armors:

All weapons that have "holy damage" has been buffed to be on par with dark weapons or standard ones.
Bloodbringer reaches 58 attack now.
Gold, Silver and Map rings cap at 10% damage instead of 30%.
Map ring cap at 80% map completion.
Increased base damage on shovel armor form.
Increased scaling damage on bunnymorphosis.
Increased damage for Bandit Blade and Sanjiegun (54 damage for both).
Both Valkyrie armor parts now give 12 luck instead of 7.
Added al the cheat code items to the shop.
Tome of Conquest its now avaiable with 80% map completion instead of 99%.
Some weapons have elemental changes (mainly endgame ones) in order to bring diversity. List below.

Mandau Pasir now have Fire damage.
Joyeuse now have Holy damage.
Dawn Blade now have Dark damage.
Moonwake now have Dark damage.
Eu's Sword now have Fire damage.
Prismatic Heart now have Dark damage.


Increased base and scaling damage on bunnymorphosis.
Increased damage on Tis Rozain shard.


Hard mode have enemies with lvl 100 now, and while the game retain certain progress, its really hard now (Optional file avaiable without this change).
Increased Luck per level from 0.25 to 1 on all playable characters, so you are going to see more critical hits and more drops from enemies.
Bloodless now gains 10 max MP and 20 max HP per pick up like Zangetsu and Miriam.

This mod changes the following files:


Please, go and download and endorse the mod Technique Rebalancer by caer, a lot of my changes are based on his work and he deserves both the endorses and the additional downloads!