Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

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New randomization algorithms for a true randomizer

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Here are 7 scripts that will randomize many more aspects of the game, the most notable being the item pool. These will greatly improve
your randomizer mode experience, you can customize and choose from many settings in order to make it the best fit for you.
All the instructions are inside.

-GenerateBookMaster.exe: randomizes the map completion requirement for each library book (Tome of Conquest will always remain 80% though)
-GenerateCharacterParameterMaster.exe: randomizes all enemy levels, use this one at your own risk
-GenerateDropRateMaster.exe: the original script, randomizes the overworld item pool for chest and enemy loots
-GenerateItemMaster.exe: randomizes shop prices (best used with non-randomized in-game shop)
-GenerateQuestMaster.exe: randomizes the enemy requirement for Lindsay's quests (the ones where you have to kill those murderers dead)
-GenerateShardMaster.exe: randomizes all shard attack/efficiency
-GenerateWeaponMaster.exe: randomizes the attack power of the game's cheat weapons

The only requirement for this to work will be installing .NET Core Runtime 3.0.0. You can find it here:
64bit Installer
32bit Installer

Randomization scripts aside here is what this mod does by default:

-Puts every hair apparent in the shop for the set price of 100G
-Makes all quests available from the start
-Gives the player all Shortcut slots at the very beginning
-Gives upgradable weapons distinct icons between their level 1, 2 and 3 versions
-Reduces the map completion requirement for library tomes
-Removes the max HP and MP upgrade cap so that you can profit from any amount of these
-Fixes the damage scaling in the higher difficulties thanks to joneirik's insight
-Calculates boss HP based on their level rather than having set numbers
-Balances the final boss so that phase 1 is easier and phase 2 harder
-Increased Sword Whip's power (23 > 42) to make it a more relevant weapon
-Improved the glass cannon aspect of the Risk Ring
-Adjusts some shard MP cost to better work with the randomization for it
-Locks upgradable weapons behind the Fine Equipment, Very Fine Equipment and Legendary
 Equipment recipes so that they aren't always available right away

The randomization will affect Miriam and Zangetsu mode but will not affect Bloodless mode in any way. However I did take this opportunity to tweak that mode in order to greatly improve its difficulty balance. Bloodless has been made stronger overall while all the endgame enemies have been given their original levels and HPs back. Prevents the middle of the game from being over the top difficult and the end from being too easy in comparison. This quality of life change is included by default in this mod (because why not) so feel free to try it out for yourself or simply ignore it if you don't want to.

I'm currently having some issues uploading this file to NexusMods so in the meantime here is a direct download link:
True Randomization

Have fun

And make sure to return what you borrow !