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Fixes Zangetsu mode to match his strength with the enemy's

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As cool of a character as Zangetsu is, the game mode made for him is a complete mess ! The adventure starts off extremely easy and ends off unreasonably hard if you picked the highest difficulty.

This mod fixes that issue and balances Zangetsu so that he progressively gets stronger as he defeats powerful bosses. It is meant to be a challenging experience throughout the game without going over the top near the end (like what the vanilla nightmare mode does). It is built over hard mode since the only way to make this work was to use the leveling up mechanic but aside from that I gave it all the nightmare properties (damage multipliers). There is also easy mode as well as a practice mode where you can't level up but can't get damaged either.

Only the mainline boss fights will give you experience to reach the next level, you will not be able to farm EXP anywhere. The distribution was made with these bosses in mind:

-Glutton Train
-Ultimate Zangetsu

So it is in your best interest to take on them in that order, the max level you can reach is 16.

Given that every stat is now level-based all HP/MP upgrades have been removed so you no longer need to worry about those. Additionally you will get a fair amount of max MP, however the cost for Wild God's Blade and Flying Vajra has been increased for obvious reasons.

Modified files:


Now for anyone who's not too familiar with how Zangetsu works here are a few of his mechanics that you may not know about:

-Can recover a bit of MP by dropkicking, more if it is on an enemy or object
-Can recover a good chunk of MP by blocking attacks with the Eternity guard

Here is also a direct download link (just in case):
Progressive Zangetsu

To install mods go in your \ProgramFiles(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Bloodstained Ritual of the Night\BloodstainedRotN\Content\Paks directory and create a "~mods" folder. Then place the downloaded file into that folder. And make sure to remove the mod whenever you play something else than Zangetsu mode.

Have fun