Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
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A mod to make the new Randomizer Mode more fun and reduce unbeatable seeds generated by the official randomizer. Individual Mods version now available which includes a 2xXPDropRate and 2xEnemyResist+Weakness mod option that is not in the full version.

Permissions and credits
If you enjoy this mod and would like to follow it's development please consider following my Twitch channel over at:

-V1.12 Added Double Enemy Resist & Weakness mod
-V1.12 Reworked Shard Logic with waterfall workaround
-V1.11 Individual Mods version now available
-V1.11 Added 2xXPGoldDropRate mod

RandoEnhancer Mod Details
Logic Workarounds
1: Shards
-The room at the bottom of the waterfall in the underground area will now zip the
player upwards when they exit the room allowing you to access the super jumping
chair. Sit on the chair and hold right to get to the top of the waterfall.

-Vepar has Craftwork's Shard to provide a more dynamic start. (Vepar = Key Shard)

2: Quests
-All Quests Unlocked immediately.
-All Hunting quests now reward XP based on target enemy XP.
-All Crafting / Momento Quests reward 300 XP.
-Waystone guy quest rewards significantly increased.

3: Items
-All Keys except Celeste's can be purchased in the shop.

-Zangetsuto can be purchased in the shop for 200K but
the current randomizer has a broken shop so you need
to save your game, exit the game completely, then reload
your save as the first save you load.

-A .5% drop rate Zangetsuto has been added to 1 mob. Stacking
the new book bonuses should help with this if needed.
Note: This may cause the sword to appear in quest rewards.

4: Crafting
-Only acquired recipes will add to the craftable item list.
-Mapped all upgradable weapons to *name*+1/+2.

Quality of Life Improvements
-Key Shard bosses have a * before their names: *Vepar
-Weapons with abilities start with a *: *Kung Fu Shoes

5: Music
-Enabled unused 8 bit tracks in the sound test mode.
-Enabled a few of the unused tracks in previously silent areas. (Now in Logic Mod)

6: Items
Solomon's Ring:  10   -> +50% shard drop rate
Strider Belt: 20   -> +60% extra slide speed
Speed Belt:  15   -> +30% extra move speed
Plunderer's Ring: 25 -> +50% item drop rate
Traverser's Ring: 100  -> 50% map completion for +25% dmg
Silver Ring:   9999 -> 800 kills required for +30% dmg
Shop Discount:            100  -> 50K Gold and gives 20% off
GoldRing/$isPower:    10   -> +50% Dmg at 1 Mil Gold
Adverse Ring:               20   -> +60% Dmg per active affliction
$isPower Shard:          +20%-50% sell prices (based on Rank)

-Init Shard Drop Rates increased across the board. Minimum = 4%
-Celeste's Key sells for 50K.
-All hairstyle recipes are replaced with a variety of weapons
-All hairstyles are available from the start
-Decreased distance required for crop growth from 75 to 10
-Increased damage to poisoned monsters by 25 per tick
-Added Hunter's Blade, Recycle Hat, Oracle Blade into the chest item pool
-Lowered required dishes eaten to 10 to max out Red Beast Blade.
-Halved the Blood Steal requirement to max out Grand Izayoi damage.
-Replaced all but 1 Fried Fish + Sponge Cake material chest loot
with various foods required by quests & low grade weapons.
-Made all weapons sellable + gave bitcoin weapons their associated
coin sale price. (400, 2400, 6400)

7: Character Progression
-Increased Luck per level from .25 to .5
-Expertise required to master techniques significantly reduced
-Hunter's Blade ability can be mastered and used with other swords

8: Cheat Codes
-THESPEEDGAMERS : Start with a Speed Belt
-AKUMA : Start with Solomon's Ring
-CHUGGAACONROY: Start with a Plunderer's Ring

9: Movement
-Underwater Movement: Vert + Horizontal 50% -> 70 / 80%

10: Library Books significantly upgraded
  Might Tome:STR 10, LCK 10, Move Speed +10%
         Sage's Tome:INT 10, LCK 10, Move Speed +10%
      Sentinel Tome:CON 10, LCK 10, Move Speed +10%
    Believer's Tome:MND 10, LCK 10, Move Speed +10%
       Fortune Tome:LCK 20, Move Speed +10%
   Coldstave Tome:LCK 10, ICE 15, Move Speed +10%
   Heatstave Tome:LCK 10, FLA 15, Move Speed +10%
Shockstave Tome:LCK 10, LIG 15, Move Speed +10%
    Empyreal Tome:LCK 10, DAR 15, Move Speed +10%
   Obscurity Tome:LCK 10, HOL 15, Move Speed +10%
 Corporeity Tome:LCK 10, STO 15, Move Speed +10%
   Immunity Tome:LCK 10, POI 15, Move Speed +10%
     Blessed Tome:LCK 10, CUR 15, Move Speed +10%
   Prowess Tome:LCK 10, AtkSpd +20%, Move Speed +10%
   Ancillary Tome:LCK 10, Move Speed +10%, Familiar Strength +20%
   Deadeye Tome:LCK 10, Move Speed +10%, Directional Shard Strength +20%
    Tailwind Tome:LCK 10, Move Speed +30%, Required Map Coverage: 25%
Tactician's Tome:LCK 10, Move Speed +10%, XP UP: 1.5X, Req. Map Cov.: 40%
   Mastery Tome:STR 8, CON 8, INT 8, MND 8, LCK 15
    Move Speed +10%, Wpn Mastery: +20%,
    Req. Map Cov.: 40%
  Godsend Tome:LCK 40, Move Speed +10%, Req. Map Cov.: 50%
 Conquest Tome:LCK 99, AtkSpd +20%, Move Speed +10%, XP UP: 2X
     Wpn Mastery: +20%, Req. Map Cov.: 65%