Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
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Replace originals music by CV OST

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How to install the mod :
- Download the compressed folder
- Extract the Archive with 7zip or winrar (or other extraction software)
- put all files in your mod folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Bloodstained Ritual of the Night\BloodstainedRotN\Content\Paks\~mods)
- Play

List of musics who replaced :
Galleon Minerva - Picture of a Ghost Ship (Rondo Of Blood)
Entrance - Beginning (Rondo Of Blood)
Garden of Silence - Platinum Moonlight (Dawn Of Sorrow)
Dian Cecht Cathedral - Chapel (aria of sorrow)
Bridge of Evil - Tues deus Meus (dracula X)
Towers of Twin Dragons - The Gears Go Awry (Portrait Of Ruin)
Livre Ex Machina - Wood Carving Partita (Symphony Of The Night)
Underground Sorcery Lab - Unholy Vespers (Order Of Ecclesia)
Forbidden Underground Waterway - Subterranean Hell (Dawn Of Sorrow)
Hidden Desert - Hail from the past (Portrait Of Ruin)
Secret Sorcery Lab - Unholy Vespers (Order Of Ecclesia)
Inferno Cave - Curse Zone (Symphony Of The Night)
Oriental Sorcery Lab - Go Getsu Fuhma (Harmony Of Despair)
Den of the Behemoths - Phantom Of Fear (Harmony Of Despair)
Glacial Tomb - Bad Situation (Portrait Of Ruin)
Hall Of Termination - Top Floor (Aria Of Sorrow)

Boss 1 - Symphony Of Battle (Order Of Ecclesia)
Boss 2 - Festival Of Servants (harmony of despair)
Zangetsu boss - Heart Of Fire (Aria Of sorrow)
Boss 3 - Portal to dark Bravery (Dawn of sorrow)

Dominique Boss - Battle Against Chaos (Aria of sorrow)
Bael Boss - Final Battle (Aria Of Sorrow)
8 Bit Nightmare - Vampire Killer (Original Version)
8 Bit Nightmare boss - Nothing To lose (Original Version)

Version 1.1 :
Correct looping troubles (music who stop after a few of minutes)
Add bosses musics :
Add 8 Bit Nightmare musics
Correct conflict in garden for piano and carabosse tracks