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We are a very passionate team who creates unique mods for Elden Ring! You can download our completed mods from Nexus, and for more mods and to use our mod launcher for a seamless experience check out our Patreon
THE GARDEN OF EYES OVERHAUL MOD: This mod aims to completely change the Elden Ring experience, by adding completely new custom-made weapons, brand new armors from previous games, new bossfights, horse mounts, talismans, gun parrying, and so much more! It currently has over 20 new and restored weapons, and more than 30 brand new armor sets, custom horses, 15 new spells, a Halloween overhaul, and many things coming soon! 
GOD OF WAR RAGNAROK X ELDEN RING: This mod currently has 3 of the iconic weapons (Leviathan Axe, Blades of Chaos, Mjolnir) with completely new movesets and attacks! It also adds a full Kratos skin, as well as an Atreus spirit summon! More will be added very soon!
HARRY POTTER AND THE ELDEN RING: We wanted to create a magical experience for Elden Ring fans! We have Flying Hippogriffs, Flying Broomsticks, iconic Harry Potter spells, skins, wands, and much more!

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