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Fight story bosses from the Dream at any time, earn insight to buy new equipment and items, and beat all 22 bosses in a row to become the ultimate hunter.

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Bloodborne Boss Rush & Colosseum Mode

by Grimrukh

I discussed the possibility of creating this mod with LobosJr back in November 2020, and (after obtaining my own moddable PS4) was able to finally finish it in time for his St Jude charity event in May 2021. I know it won't be playable by many, but I hope any serious PS4 modding enthusiasts or Bloodborne streamers can enjoy it! If you've played the mod and have any feedback or ideas for relatively simple additions (other than Chalice bosses), let me know!

Thank you to Lance McDonald and foxyhooligan for playtesting the mod for me before I was able to do it myself! Thanks also to LobosJr for testing out the first version live and providing feedback -- and thank you to everyone who donated during his stream!

If you like my FromSoft mods, you can support me on Patreon, follow me on Twitter, or check out my Dark Souls modding tutorials on YouTube. (I also have a personal website where I irregularly post updates, but have been posting more on Patreon lately.) I'm currently working with about a dozen other modders on a gigantic "sequel" overhaul mod called Dark Souls: Nightfall.

You can contact me directly through the Daughters of Ash Discord server or directly on Discord as @Grimrukh#0058.

Copy all contents of the zipped file into the "dvdroot_ps4" root directory of your Bloodborne game files before building the PKG application file and launching it on your console. Instructions on how to play modded PS4 games will not be given here, and please do not ask me about it -- there are plenty of online and YouTube resources to help you. Note that you will need a PS4 or PS4 Pro with the latest moddable firmware version or earlier.

This mod is fully compatible with the Bloodborne 60 FPS patch by Lance McDonald.

Note that this mod is a complete overhaul of the game. It is not an add-on to the game's main story; you will not be able to travel outside of the Hunter's Dream except for boss battles. Chalice Dungeon bosses are not included; I may add them in a future update.

Create a new character (all starting classes are now identical) and begin a new game. You will be warped immediately to the Hunter's Dream, which is the hub of the new Boss Rush / Colosseum mode. The Doll is available immediately, and you will have enough blood echoes to reach level 80. (Of course, you can choose not to use them all for a greater challenge.) These are all of the blood echoes you will obtain during the game; to "respec", you will need to simply create a new character.

You will immediately receive two items, the Bell of Memories and Bell of Chaos. Use these from the Dream to activate a boss rush: the Bell of Memories will take you through all 22 bosses in approximate story order, starting from Cleric Beast and ending with the five DLC bosses, Gehrman, and Moon Presence. The Bell of Chaos will take you through all 22 bosses in random order, but is otherwise the same. You will start the boss rush with 20 Blood Vials and 20 Quicksilver Bullets and will receive 10 more of each after each boss. Dying will send you back to the Dream. You will also receive the Dreaming Blank, which will quickly take you back to the Hunter's Dream from any boss battle.

You may also fight individual bosses at will from the five Dream headstones (including the DLC headstone at the back of the workshop). Battles with Gehrman and the Moon Presence can also be requested from the front door of the closed workshop and the gate to the field, respectively.

All bosses in individual battles and boss rush are balanced to end-game difficulty, with only a few manual tweaks.

Each boss defeated will reward you with two insight. Spend insight to buy almost anything at the two Messenger shops in the Hunter's Dream, including weapons, armor, spell items, and consumables. You can buy Blood Gems from the "Materials" menu of the lower shop, which are "auto-equipped" when purchased and will have their stated passive effect on all of your weapons. Only one Blood Gem can be active at a time; purchasing a new one will cancel the effect of your previous one and return it to the shop menu next time you open it. You can also similarly buy one standard Rune at a time, and one special Covenant Rune at a time (the last five runes in the shop's inventory). You will start with 25 insight to buy some initial equipment and items. Note that weapon durability does not degrade in this mod, so don't worry about needing access to the closed workshop.

Good luck, hunter!

Known Issues
- One of the Witch of Hemwick's minions will continue to roam and not despawn after the boss is defeated.
- There may also be some minor spawning delays/issues with Living Failures, but they should not break the fight.