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Work has resumed on this mod. This is an enemy and item randomizer for Bloodborne

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Thank you to everyone who has played and tested this mod. Thank you to the dark souls modding server and it's wonderful tool developers. I have continued work on this mod. Please report any bugs or issues, I rely on the community feedback to make this mod enjoyable and bug free.

Here is a video that shows the process of the Super Aggro and Nightmare Mode PKG creation and installation. It is the same process as the randomizer just with different files Standalone Super Aggro and Nightmare Mode installation video

I have put a ton of effort and a whole lot of my free time into this mod, if you enjoy it and would like to help me eat please consider donating. Paypal Donation Link

Again, if you have any suggestions or ideas, let me know and I might be able to incorporate it into the mod!

After running the randomizer you will need to build an update/patch pkg and install it after installing Bloodborne GOTY edition. Look online how to do this or watch this video Patch Generator and Builder Tutorial - This will be the easiest way to install the mod.

If you've already ran the randomizer, created a patch, and edited the necessary files, but you think it takes too long to generate a new project every time you want to re-randomize, watch this video. Utilizing a Project File for Bloodborne Randomizer
Make sure you only follow the second video tutorial after following the first one.

When typing in enemy names for Customized Runs, you can put multiple names in separated by a space. Example, "c1000 c1090 c1230" etc.....
List for model IDs here
There is an "Enemy" textbox and a "Boss" textbox. If you want them to appear as enemies put the names in the enemy textbox and if you want them to appear as a boss fight put the names in the boss textbox.