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Ever wanted to play through the game using a specific build, but the weapon or armor set you want isn't available until too late in the game? This mod allows you to buy all weapons, armors, and spells from the bath messengers in the Hunter's Dream at the beginning of the game for no cost.

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This mod is deprecated. An improved version that can be enabled at any time is included here.

This is a simple param edit I did using Soulstruct (credit to Grimrukh).

The rune workshop tool and short ritual root chalice are also available from the shop. So far, I've only added entries for the first shop phase. This means that after reaching the Cathedral Ward, the shop will be reset to it's normal item selection (except for weapons or armors you've already taken. They'll be full price, though).

The corpse after the werewolf at the beginning of Iosefka's Clinic will now give the Beast's Embrace rune and the Milkweed rune. It will also drop a single madman's knowledge, allowing access to the workshop and leveling with the Doll from the beginning. To level up quickly, you can buy the weapons for free and sell them back full price.