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Sepukkake's Bloodborne Randomizer Mod.

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This mod was not created by myself but by Sepukkake. It randomizes the location of enemies, bosses and items as well as a host of other brilliant options which can be custom tailored to your preferred play style.  This mod naturally requires (just like all other bloodborne mods) a jailbroken ps4 to be played. I'm uploading this mod myself because the original has been seemingly, inexplicably, taken down from the site. After spending countless hours enjoying it over the last few years, I felt it would be truly terrible for the mod to become inaccessible to everyone who could personally enjoy it. The version here is the most recent build of the randomizer uploaded to Nexus Mods by Sepukakke on the 31st of August 2021. Although there are still a myriad of bugs and glitches, the randomizer ended up in a particularly stable state and is very customizable.

Installation is somewhat similar to the other bloodborne mods currently available. You must run the exe first and then transfer the dvdroot folder contents across to the GOTY update file (please see provided readme file for more specific instructions). The previous tutorial provided by Sepukkake is no longer available but I will endeavour in the coming days to create a full tutorial outlining the various steps needed to use and install the mod, along with what settings I've found to be effective. Unfortunately any bugs found I am unlikely to be able to do anything about as I did not create the mod and do not possess much knowledge of creating mods but will do my best to answer any questions in regard to installation that I can. Thanks again to Seppukake for creating such a great mod, hopefully the deletion of the mod was some sort of error and can be corrected, but in the interim, I hope this allows others to be able to enjoy bloodborne like never before.

[IMPORTANT: If you would like to combine the randomizer to include the Great One Beast Restored Mod then please ensure you use the most recent version released on the 30th of April 2022; otherwise the randomizer will crash when run. I would like to thank foxyhooligan for reaching out to me and making the effort to fix this issue, myself and the bloodborne modding community are very grateful for your continued support. Combining other mods such as 60fps, 1st person and no hud work perfectly fine too. I would also like to warn users, particularly anyone prone to flashing images that the large centipede enemy found in byrgenwerth and the chalices when randomzied can cause some very strong and highly annoying screen flickering. I recommend that they are excluded, their enemy code is c2530. Also, I recall the creator saying that the application will only run on windows but if anyone can confirm it works on a different OS feel free to let me know and I will amend the description accordingly.]