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In this mod,I make all characters movesets. The First is Gehrman The First Hunter's Burial Blade.

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Because I failed to repack the Bloodborne's c0000.xml to hkx (it is made to  register all moveset) now,so I can't add new moesets to make new weapon.

Now,I have to replace the player's movesets to make Gehrman's original Burial Blade.

But I truly achieve my dream,use other characters' movement in Bloodborne,you can buy Gehrman' Burial Blade and Blunderbuss in shop of Hunter's Dream.

You can use gesture 'Joy' to stage 2(Gehrman's Roar) and 'Conviction' to stage 3 (Gehrman's Moonlight shower)

Additionally,because of the character's original weapons is made by replaced the player's movesets,so I will divide the mod for single character.


To install the mod you need  Jailbreak PS4,and you should have Bloodborne pkg. You can watch this video to know more details.
or video)

Except to random, other methods are same.

Weapon update information:
  Gehrman's movesets is completed.
Right hand:R1_2(and other Right swing)can add R2 to use double swings.
Both hand:R1_2(and other Right swing) can add L2 to use Sidestep dash.
Other attacks are as same as player's weapon.
Firstly,you can use front+L1 to use trick change attact(Grehrman and m=Maria)
  Gehrman's Burial Blade: add new attack action;
Right hand:Use Front+L2(Just like jump attack) to use special shot(need Gehrman's Blunderbuss)
Both hand:Use Front+R1 to use backstep attack.
Use Front+L2 to use flying whack.
Maria's Rakuyo is completed.
Right hand:All r1 r2 can continue each other.
Both hand:All movestes action (R1 R2 L1 L2 Front+R1 Front+R2 Front+L1 Front+L2)has charge version and release version.
Because I can add new movesets,so you need equip both of Rakuyos(common and bllod blade)
When using common Rakuyo,you can use L2(Stance)+L1 to use Maria's to stage2 movement.