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Custom made terrain for the old Pirate World save, and ports of v20 saves to the current v21.

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Back in v20 there was this save for the kitchen called Pirate World. I thought it was pretty cool but the entire build didn't translate well to v21, the only part that made the transition was the pirate ship. I couldn't stand for that though, so I created a completely new island terrain and placed the build in it. Some changes had to be made for this to work, but I think this is a great build. The island terrain somewhat respects the kitchen map, you can see that tiny waterfall being the little gap between the counter and the oven. Many of the kitchen's secret passageways were translated into caves within the island.

I feel that this is what a little kid would have imagined the build looking like in their mind, had they built it themselves in their kitchen. It's nice.

As a bonus the .zip file contains v20 saves ported over to v21 and tweaked a bit. There's also a Beta City save that contains some stuff from the v20 version lowered down to the ground.

A few notes regarding the pirate world:
- Some bricks are floating. I tried making them not float but it was taking a lot of time trying to find which ones were actually floating.