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Unlocks the game's region restricted multiplayer, custom game modes, ingame palette editor, custom palettes without file modifications, online palette sharing, more options to improve performance, more flexibility to the graphics options, adjustable ingame currency value, freely switchabe online avatars/accessories, and more.

Permissions and credits
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What this mod provides:

  • Unlocks the game's region restricted multiplayer.
  • Adds extra game modes.
  • Create custom palettes and effects.
  • Manage and load custom palettes without file modifications.
  • See each other's custom palettes in online matches.
  • Options to improve the performance of the game even further.
  • More flexibility to change the graphics options.
  • Change avatars and accessories in online rooms/lobbies without going back into menu.
  • Freely adjustable ingame currency value.

  • The game must be up-to-date

How to install:
  1. Download and extract the latest
  2. Put dinput8.dll and settings.ini into the game's folder (where BBCF.exe is located)
  3. (Should be at ..\Steam\SteamApps\common\BlazBlue Centralfiction)
  4. Adjust the values in settings.ini as desired


  • Delete or rename dinput8.dll. The mod makes no permanent changes to anything.

Known issues:
  1. Platinum keeps swapping between her current and previous palettes if you change them in match. To prevent this select the palette before the match starts, and do not change it during match.

First make sure that your issue doesn't persist if you remove/rename dinput8.dll
If the issue still persists, then it has nothing to do with the mod.

  • The mod's UI is very small, unreadable:
This happens if you run the game in windowed or full-window mode with a resolution that's higher than what your monitor supports.
Try changing your display setting to fullscreen, or lowering the resolution ingame.

  • Blackscreen problem:
Make sure that RenderingWidth and RenderingHeight values in the .ini file are correctly set to the resolution of your game.
If their values are higher than your monitor's native resolution, then you will get blackscreen.

  • Game crashes when launched:
Make sure that the settings.ini file is present in the game's folder.
Check if the problem still occurs after you remove, or rename dinput8.dll
Turn off tools such as MSI Afterburner,, or other recording softwares and overlays that manipulate D3D.
Make sure you are running both Steam and the game with administrator privileges, and remove any steam_appid.txt file if present in the game's directory.
Restore the default settings in the settings.ini file.
Reboot your system.

Keep in mind that the mod may partially, or completely stop working whenever a new official patch of the game is released. (Though unlikely)

Where to place your custom palettes:
  • The palette folders are created in the path "..\BlazBlue Centralfiction\BBCF_IM\Palettes\" upon the first launch of the mod.
  • Place your .hpl files into the character's corresponding palette folder (at "..\BlazBlue Centralfiction\BBCF_IM\Palettes\") to have the mod automatically load them upon start, and making them selectable ingame via the mod's menu.
  • Effect files must end with the naming convention of "_effectXX.hpl". Where XX is the index of the effect file.
  • For example, if you have a custom palette file named "Nyx_Izanami.hpl", then in the same palette folder a file named "Nyx_Izanami_effect01.hpl" will be loaded as that palette's first effect, and a file named "Nyx_Izanami_effect06.hpl" will be loaded as sixth, etc.
  • A file created with name ending "_effectbloom.hpl" will turn on the bloom effect for that custom palette in the game. (Once activated, the bloom effect will keep the color it was first activated on, and can't be changed unless a new round is started)


None of the custom palettes showcased in the images were created by me. All credits go to their respective creators.