Blades of Time

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Removes the excessive color filter in the game

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Theres another mod here that does basically the same thing, but this is my version using a different method (reshade shader toggler)

Removes the color filter and a lot of the bloom, makes for a pretty drastic visual change in most levels. Ultimately subjective, but I wanted a nice colorful fantasy image with this game. 

There is one issue with this method though and I'll just put it in caps so its obvious here 
The background on the menus distort into a wacky mirage of colors and flashy lights. Its honestly pretty neat looking, see in the pictures what I mean. If this bugs you you can turn off the shader toggler before opening a menu (default capslock)

Current reshade with addon support
Shader toggler, the 32 bit version:
Then just place the ini files included in this mod into the root of the game folder. and enable it in game with capslock, or set a new key for it. 

Also, make sure all settings are maxed in video settings, particularly antialiasing. Turning it down will cause the weird color thing that happens on menus to apply to the whole game.