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Adds SMAA, liftgamma, contrast, lumasharpen, Gaussian blur and negative vibrance.

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There is a patch file for less embossing. Uncompressed Imgup Gallery here.
This game is already heavily post processed but I thought I would tone some things down such as the gamma lifts. I also wasnt happy with the in game AA.

New Release

Lite version here. Less performance impact, no embossing or blur.


This preset features:

  • SMAA (Color edge detection)

  • Curves (Increased contrast slightly for luma only)

  • Tonemap (Reduce exposure slightly to tone down default bloom, Balance midtones adjusted by liftgamma)

  • LumaSharpen (not overdone)

  • Guassian blur (For a little more much needed AA and a less digitalized look)

  • Emboss (Very slight on monitor version, for bump mapping)

  • Lift gamma (Took some blue out of the shadows, some yellow out of the highlights and some green from the mid tones for a more natural look although some is still retained as this is usually desired)

  • Negative Vibrance (slight to bring it back to a more natural state)

Scroll lock  SweetFX
Numbpad 0 Gaussian blur 


  • Install reshade framework, use mediator to select client.exe in the BNS folder and select update/add and push to app. Alternatively copy the ReShade folder and ReShade.fx to the bin folder and then copy over ReShade32.dll and rename it to d3d9.dll.

  • Overwrite the files in the BnS/bin/ReShade folder with mine

  • Have AA Disabled in game and graphics card control panel (for SweetFX)
  • I recomend a brightness of 40-50 in game


  • More blue and less green in the shadows
  • Slightly less saturation.