Blade & Sorcery: Nomad

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An Ancient weapon pack containing 10 unique weapons from many years ago.... Which one will you pick out and cause chaos again?

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Hey everyone welcome (back) to my mod! This time it adds in a 10 Weapons from the past. Will you be using the spikes Gurj? Or simply go with something heavier such as the Zaghlal?

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  • Found in the new category called > Indo-Persian
  • High quality model(s)
  • Realistic blood texture(s)
  • Low download size
  • The PC Version > Indo-Persian Weapon Pack - PC Version 
  • U12 and up
  • Requirements > None
  • Back story > None

This mod includes the following weapon(s)

  • Dhall (Shield)
  • Gurj (Mace)
  • Janbiya (Knife)
  • Khanjar (Knife)
  • Scimitar (Sword)
  • Scythe (2-Handed Blade)
  • Shamshir (Sword)
  • Spear (2-Handed Spear)
  • Tabar (2-Handed Axe)
  • Zaghlal (2-Handed Blunt)

Mods(s) used in screenshot(s)

Realistic bleeding, Blood Effects Overhaul 2, Butterstabs, Sectory. Dummy Spell (Possibility that some mods aren't available due to the game version or platform)


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All the model / thumbnail authors can be found under "Permissions and credits".
And additional credit will be posted here >

Thanks Nate. for testing out the mod and giving me feedback! PCVR
Thanks Pidgeon for testing out the mod and giving me feedback! Nomad