Blade & Sorcery: Nomad
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Now I'm feeling motivated. Introduces Vergil's Yamato and Mirage Edge from Devil May Cry 5, includes Judgement Cut, Judgement Cut End, Sword Beams, Sword Dash, Anime Slice, and summoned Mirage Blades

Permissions and credits
Sword Beams: Press trigger on the sword to shoot a beam that deals 20 damage in the direction of the slash. Results may vary, Nomad hit detection is jank

Anime Slice: Hold the spell wheel button on the sword and slash through enemies to select them, then sheathe to dismember all selected enemies

Sword Dash: Hold trigger on the sheath to dash wherever the sheath is facing, release trigger to stop

Mirage Blades: Press the spell wheel button on the sheath to shoot Mirage Blades wherever the sheath is facing

Judgement Cut: Hold down the spell wheel button and unsheathe the sword to shoot an invisible projectile from the bottom of the handle that dismembers or breaks anything that gets in its range.

Judgement Cut End: Hold down the trigger and unsheathe the sword to activate, then sheathe to kill and dismember all nearby enemies and break all nearby breakable Items.