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Ever felt like Blade and Sorcery could do with a bunch of nostalgic plastic weapons? This is the mod for you!

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Lego Blade and Sorcery adds a wide variety of nostalgic Lego weapons from sets and games over the years to Blade and Sorcery. Ever wanted to stab someone with a Lego knife, smash them with a Lego hammer, or ever dismember them with a Lego lightsaber? Well, now you can! With a total of 57 weapons, plus many more content updates to come, you could never fight without a Lego Weapon again! All of the items included in this pack can be found in the new Lego category, and if you have any suggestions for new content, don't hesitate to throw them at me!

LEGO Sword
LEGO Dagger
LEGO Sledgehammer
LEGO Quarterstaff
LEGO Magic Staff x2 (Red and Blue)
LEGO Ninjago Dragon Staff
LEGO Harry Potter Wand x 3 (Tan, Brown, Black)
LEGO Magnaguard Electrostaff
LEGO Lightsaber x45 (5 different styles, 9 colors per style)

All of the lightsabers, the magnaguard staff, and the saw, use item activation. The lightsabers are retractable, the electrostaff powers on and off, and the saw can be turned on and off too. In order to do this, imbue the hilt/handle of the item with the item activation spell (orange/red in color) from Greenfire's Lightsabers Category and Activation Spell. Once the item is imbued, press the Spell Use Button on your controller, which should be either A or X. The item should turn on, but may need one or two presses to work fully right.

For the wands and the magic staves, they work like the staves already in the game, and can be imbued with any projectile spell to shoot projectiles, or the gravity spell for a slam attack.