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Adds 20 new filters to the weapon spawn book, to offer modders an expanded set of categories without them having to make their own, potentially causing issues and clutter.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds the following categories(If you're making or have made a weapon that fits better into one of these categories than into the default categories, consider using this mod to add that category instead of doing it yourself to save time and avoid clutter!):
  1. Greatswords - Large swords like Zweihanders, Claymores(Though the vanilla Claymore isn't moved to this category), and other giant swords
  2. Sheathes - If your weapon comes with a sheath, you can add the sheath to this category for easy access
  3. Chained - For any weapons with a chain: Nunchucks, flails, gunchucks, if it's got a chain, it's a chained weapon
  4. Throwing - Anything that is used primarily by throwing belongs in this category
  5. Explosives - If it'll kill everything around it when it goes off, put it in this category
  6. Siege - Machines of war made for taking down castles and armies. If it's too big and too heavy to be used in a 1-on-1 fight, this is your category
  7. Magic - If your item is either just a spell, or performs some magical action, consider putting it into the magic category
  8. Legendary - For weapons that have stories written about them. Death's Scythe, Excalibur, Sauron's Mace. If it's well known, put it here
  9. Containers - Anything that holds other things. Backpacks, bags, chests. If it's a thing that holds more things, it belongs here
  10. Headwear- Finally a place to put all your hats and helmets that isn't just "Misc" or "Funny"
  11. Armor - This category is mainly here for when the armor framework comes out, and shouldn't be used for helmets that don't offer protection!
  12. Food - If potions exist as their own category, food should too. Anything consumable goes in this category
  13. Ancient - Is your weapon really old, like a Roman soldier's gear, or a Greek weapon? Drop it into Ancient to set it apart from other items
  14. Modern - For any weapons that come from modern times. Handguns, automatic rifles, etc. all belong in here
  15. Futuristic - This category holds everything laser-y. Blasters, robots, etc. should go into Futuristic
  16. Japanese - With the sheer variance of swords alone, Japanese weaponry deserves its own category
  17. Halloween - Spooky or scary? Made for skeletons? Drop it in Halloween to sort it with all things horror
  18. Christmas - Jolly weapons galore. None exist yet, but if nobody makes a candy cane sword in December I'm sure hell will freeze over
  19. Utilities - For things that aren't necessarily weapons, or weapon-related, but are still useful to have, like the key to the hidden Kospy test level
  20. Video Tools - A category for content creators-- If you make a greenscreen, or lights, or anything useful for making a video, put it here

I'll expand this list at mod-maker request-- If you have an item that you're making, and it somehow doesn't fit into any of the above categories(Plus the default categories!) and you have a category idea that's broad enough to see use by other modders, I'll add it! Categories are magic, and allow us to unclutter the right side of the book, but too many categories could clutter up the left side instead, and I'd like to keep that from happening.

To use these categories for your mod items, just set the category name to match any of the above category names, and then set this mod as a required mod for your mod. But what if the user of my mod doesn't install this mod? There won't be any issue if they don't! They just won't be able to filter using these categories. Your item will still show up in the book, but they'll have to click back to unsorted items.

Huge thanks to Revolver Ocelot on Discord for asking Kospy what the icon color needs to be!