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Getting drunk applies various buffs, debuffs, and gameplay changes as you get drunker. This mod adds rum, wine, and beer, as well as the capabilities for modders to make their own potions alcoholic.

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Drinking alcohol will get you drunk! The drunker you get, the drunker you'll be, and the drunker you are, the more effects are applied. Drunkenness will slowly wear off over time. Some alcohol included. No assembly required.

The current effects are:

Strength Boost: You'll hit a little harder than before thanks to your drunken ogre strength.
Slowness: You'll have to really concentrate to walk when you're this smashed.
Stumble: You'll move in random directions sometimes as you're walking. 
Visual Effects: There will be a subtle effect at first. Your vision will get worse the more you drown your sorrows. 
Death: Drink too much and you'll perish. How much? A lot actually. More than you can drink in real life. 

There is also a template json in the mod with comments so you can make your own drinks alcoholic if you like. Simply use this mod as a requirement, do not include the scripts in it, and edit the template json. The alcohols are set up just like normal potions, there is nothing special about them in Unity.

U12 Changes: 
-New model for the beer and wine
-That's it, nothing else was changed

Breakables and potions don't seem to get along so unless I can figure out a workaround I won't be able to do that but I'm looking at it