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A combat prosthetic made from fine steel and complex machinery. Updated to U12 with fully working armor detection.

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As of the U12 update of this mod, there may still be a few visual issues on the arms like clipping or wonky-looking thumb joints. I am aware of this and will be fixing it soon.

Lore and Setting

Automail is an invention from the world of Fullmetal Alchemist. Originally intended to be a motorized combat armor, automail quickly found a new use as complex prosthetics

For those who have lost a limb, automail comes in to replace what was lost. Designs vary based on the designer of the automail, but most designs often feature a full metal shell and complex machinery to make movement feel as fluid as possible. 

Automail arms can be fitted to a variety of disabilities. For example, an automail arm can be adjusted to fit either arm, both arms, or even just the forearm. It's your choice where you decide to wear automail!

Additional Info

I eventually plan to create an additional set of arms that utilize the Briggs Chrome Alloy seen in the show. If you ask about it I will simply redirect you here.

My other big mods are still being updated to U12, so you'll have to be patient in waiting for it.

You can see the progress I make on my mods in my modding server EmClear's Arsenal.

Known Issues / Bugs

I am already aware that there are a few issues with the mod. See the list below for known issues:

- Left arm/forearm has a bit of clipping for males

- Left arm sometimes breaks when taking off the armor

- Left arm has an accidental additional piece attached to the shoulder plate.

That's all. Enjoy!