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THE ULTIMATE FANTASY PACK has 200+ Weapons for you to use, all modelled and textured from scratch with some flashy, unique POWERS!

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A mega pack currently containing 200+ fantasy-inspired weapons distributed between 17 categories, each with their own aesthetic and even some powerful abilities. 
Each weapon has been designed, modelled and textured specifically for this mod, making it the largest weapon pack using self-made assets! We have taken the time to add grip points to the blade where appropriate and custom damagers to make the blunts hit better.

So far, there are 17 categories, each belonging to a different race or culture inspired by various medias of fantasy.

Every category has 9+ weapons each, ranging from swords, axes, blunts and much more!
The individuality is not only found in the aesthetics of the weapons but most factions have special abilities to aid you in combat when wielding. 


Gnomes are very technologically advanced and can pulse electricity through their weapons adding to their raw power.


Orcs are orcs, you know the drill.


Arc-Wraiths embody lightning on death, using it to sunder and tear apart their enemies and are always at war with the more advanced voidborne.
Hold the Spell use button to create a lightning arc on your weapon.


A Dark and elusive race from the depths of space. Said to be able to bend time and space at will hurling meteors at their foes. 
Press the spell use button with a Voidborne weapon to launch a meteor from the sky!


This Underwater Race uses the sea to forge their weaponry from scales to shells. They like to keep peace but will take up arms if threatened.


The most hated of all the races that live upon this land would be the goblins. Deep underground they live in caverns and ravines, only emerging to pillage and steal. They always appear in the aftermath of bloody battles to loot the fallen. They drag their stolen scrap back into their cities. 
Holstering any goblin weapon will give you the ability to scale walls, giving you more options in movement or for making a quick getaway! 


If you hear thunder in the mountains, it does not always mean a storm is brewing. The once mighty goliaths that live in the mountains are nearly all but spent. They live in peaceful solitude, that is until you venture to far into their lands. 

The frost people of the North are brutal and dangerous. They are constantly warring with the Nordic tribes that build settlements too close to their icy slopes. Surviving in unfathomable coldness, they are a race to be feared. 
Pressing the spell wheel button when in possession of a frostborne weapon will send a powerful wave of sharp ice to knock them down. 


The Draken people are deserters of the cities of men. Their service is not of that to the king, but to the dragons. Their great protectors. 
Pressing the spell wheel whilst when holding a Draken weapon will imbue it with dragon fire, a powerful ability that sets NPCs ablaze when struck. 


The Nordic tribes are a mighty people that take pride and accomplishment in war, they will engage in it with neighbouring tribes and frequently with the frost people. 
To receive a powerful imbuement from the lightning god himself, raise any Nordic weapon above your head for a few seconds. After being struck by the bolt, slam the weapon on the ground and hold the spell wheel button to unleash a furious slam attack, electrocuting enemies and knocking them back!


Where the demons come from is unknown, legend states that a passage from the underworld had been opened. When they emerge from the deep there will always be bloodshed. 
Demonic Weapons will now imbue when they are charging. A demonic voice will tell you when the slam is ready. When it is ready hold the spell wheel button and slam the ground to release a fire explosion


The dark cultists are an arcane group. They possess unnatural abilities that cannot be taught in any school of sorcery. They use their wicked weapons to gain power whilst remaining in the shadows. 
An ability most powerful,  Dark Weapons can summon a black hole by holding the spell wheel button and pointing at a surface. You can hold for up to 5 seconds, after which, the black hole will begin to shrink and suck objects and enemies in.


The Dwarves are a difficult race. They are loyal, extremely skilled craftsmen and are strong willed. However, they can be greedy, selfish and care far too much for precious metals. 
After throwing the mighty dwarven hammer at an enemy, pressing the grip will recall the weapon back to your hand, lining you up for another shot! 


The elves are an admirable race. They live in harmony with the woods they reside in and are skilled and graceful warriors. They try to avoid war at all costs, but ever since the dwarves decimated their sacred forest for fuel they have been at war. 
Throwing the elven chakram and then pressing the grip will return the weapon back to your hand, ready for you to release it again. 


Any great sorcerer knows where best to buy powerful weapons. The magic weapons are built from a special sort of crystal, a crystal with highly magical properties. The rareness of this crystal though however is so scarce that these weapons are not in reach of the average mage. 
Pressing the spell wheel button with any of these magical weapons will rotate between the three base game imbuements. 


The vampires of the dark woods are a secluded race. They skulk in the outskirts of human settlements, only coming out at night to feed. The death they cause has started a fierce hatred from most civilisations, with frequent human hunting parties setting out to wipe their kind off the planet. Pressing the spell wheel button will imbue the weapons with blood giving you 20% lifesteal!


An ancient civilisation of man lies in ruin. Its text has been long forgotten and culture lost to time. Deep in the catacombs the fallen warriors and kings lie, still grasping the weapons in which they were buried with.