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Lashing returns to U10, reworked from the ground up. Tie objects together, grapple and swing with ease, create intricate spiderwebs, spray glue on the floor and more!

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Lashing 2

IMPORTANT: Lashing 2 will disable your spell wheel while in use. To unequip it and re-enable the wheel, hold the spell wheel button until you feel a click.
Do not come to me complaining about not being able to deselect it!

Lashing returns to U10, reworked and ready for the Dungeon!


Hold Trigger, then Grip to lash two points together! Lash enemies, items, or simply two points of the world to create a Lashing.
Lashings are solid and can be climbed on or ziplined, and when lashing items or enemies they violently pull them together!

Imbue a weapon with Lashing to slice lashings, destroying them and releasing what they were holding! Slice a lashing you are climbing on to turn it into a grapple!


Hold Grip, then Trigger at any time to grapple! While grappling, keep holding trigger to retract, release it to hang in the air, or hold the spell wheel button to extend!

Grapple to enemies, items or even Jonathan to pull them towards you - throw them around, or use them as a flail!


Lashing 2 comes with Lash Bombs - found as a pouch in the Exotic Menu! Throw these tiny isometric weapons to watch them bounce once and then Lash themselves to everything around them!


Tap the spell wheel button to enter GLUE MODE. Pull the trigger to spray glue on nearby surfaces - anything that touches it becomes stuck. Glue lasts for 60 seconds, or you can clear it with a Lashing-imbued sword.


Lashing 2 also comes with a spectator mode! While in the F3 free cam, press Z to start a lashing and release to finish it!