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LATEST UPDATE: 1.10.0 (U8.2)
- Added Bow

Have you ever wanted to brutally murder people with your favorite Minecraft tools?
Well now you can!
Compatible with Update 8!

Permissions and credits
Important: include a PLAYER.LOG file in all bug reports.
Player.log can be found in %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\WarpFrog\BladeAndSorcery
For issues with "Infinite loading" delete the file found in \Documents\My Games\BladeAndSorcery\Saves

The latest update finally adds the minecraft bow!
An iconic weapon used by players and skeletons alike.

Please enjoy all these new features, theres much more to come!
The mod currently includes the following items:
- Bow (NEW)
- Lingering Potions 
- Torches 
- Lanterns 
• Shear Blade
• Crossbow 
• Arrow
• Splash Potions
• Eggs & Snowballs 
• TNT Stick 
• Netherite Set + Helmet 
• Wooden Set + Leather Helmet 
• Stone Set + Chain Helmet
• Iron Set + Helmet
• Gold Set + Helmet 
• Flint n’ Steel
• Fireworks 
• Shulker box 
• Anvil 
• Battle Sign 
• Shield
• Trident
• Diamond Set + Helmet

Splash potions come in many flavors, some for you, some for your enemies. These currently include:
Healing: Gives you an instant health boost.
Harming: Does instant damage.
Regeneration: Slowly regenerates your health for a period of time.
Poison: Slowly lowers health down to minimum, leaving the final blow for you.
Decay: Wither your enemies away, similar to poison but deadlier!
Slowness: Lowers your movement speed
Swiftness: Raises your movement speed
Leaping: Gives you a jump boost allowing you to reach much higher
Invisibility: Makes you or your enemies invisible! (Currently bugged)

You can now climb stone surfaces with any pickaxe between stone and netherite!

The crossbow allows you to shoot projectiles with great speed, I'ts main bolt is the minecraft arrow but it can and will shoot fireworks as well!
Many thanks to Bowtie for the script that made this possible!