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Adds a spell that heals the player in the midsts of combat! Updated for U11.

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The healing spell allows the player to ditch their healing potions in favor of a more magical, mana-based alternative. With the healing spell, you can preserve your hip slots for daggers and other armaments for slaying your foes! No longer will you have to stand still and let the potion liquid drip over you; the healing spell lets you heal anywhere at any time, in a variety of ways!

Healing Spell Charge
The healing spell can be charged and used in one of four ways...
  • Constant - Charging the spell will heal the player over time. Works similarly to the healing spell in Skyrim.
  • Crush - Charge the spell and crush it with your grip button.
  • Smash - Charge the spell and smash it towards your chest to heal.
  • Smash And Crush - Charge the spell and either smash it towards your chest or crush it with your grip button.
You can change which version you want to use in the Healing Spell mod menu, accessed via a new tab added by the Chillio X Menus mod (which is required!). Lastly, the angelic ring effect has been moved into this tab. By default it is off, but feel free to head to the tab and re-enable it for those who liked having it.

Healing Imbue

The healing spell now has an imbue. The imbue effect is quite simple: upon landing the killing blow to an enemy with the imbued weapon, you convert their soul to life force, thereby healing you. As with everything, how much you heal can be changed via the mod option menu.

Healing Merge

Healing Staff Slam

Healing Staff Use

Huge thank you to extract for being so kind and helpful throughout the update process as well as Jenix for their assistance with creating the mod option menu.

Source Code

You can check out the source code here.

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