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Gives AI the ability to grab surfaces when they fall! They will cling for their lives untill they tire and let go! This mod aim to boost your immersion and fun proving a new mechanic to play with, as of enemies will now use their hands to cover infliced wounds!

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After almost 2 years, MemesHandDynamics returns, rebuilt from scratch, more stable, more configurable, more fun! 

This mod allows your enemies to cling to surfaces when they fall, ever wanted to laugh at your enemy as they scream in fear, clinging to a ledge while they slowly fall into the pit of darkness? Me too, now we both can!!

Do you want your enemies to feel a little more alive? This mod allows them to cover their wounds!

How will you know it's working?If you throw enemies off a ledge and their hands touch said ledge, they will grab it, it won't happen everytime, they grab only when it makes sense to grab. You can play the game normally and experience the mod or you can intentionally make them grab.

Optionally, you can inflict major damage upon them and they will try to cover that wound if they can reach it.